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A finish wish, a final prayer. As a testament to the friendship we shared.
Claire, Claymore

Kaka-capitalectra, show him what for and need to be, Super-Sand Legend. AHHHHHHH, I'm DEAD.

No matter what happens, even if I vanish from this world... promise me, Lightning. Promise you'll remember me.
Serah Farron, post-death, Final Fantasy XIII-2

"I know I'm going to die soon…" Briarlight choked out suddenly. Jayfeather pricked his ears but didn't reply. "I don't want to leave my clan without seeing the lake one more time…" Briarlight meowed seriously. Jayfeather cocked his head.
"You're far too weak to make it down there…" Jayfeather said flatly. He could feel Briarlight's gaze piercing his fur.
"I used to go down there sometimes, when the sun rose. Back when I could walk, I'd watch the suns reflection on the surface of the water- it was beautiful. The whole lake turned orange, yellow and pink…" She trailed of and was struck by another bout of coughing. Jayfeather stared helplessly at the sick warrior. "You'll take me there… won't you?"
Jayfeather couldn't believe what she was saying. Did she really expect to be able to make the journey down to the lake without collapsing, let alone make it there by sunrise? Especially without the guards seeing her! "That's impossible…" Jayfeather mewed softly. "You'd never make it, and I'm not strong enough to carry you there."
Briarlight's sadness struck Jayfeather like a branch. "Please… It's all I want before I join Starclan…" Briarlight began to cough some more.
"No… you might not join Starclan yet. You can still fight this!"
Warrior Cats fic It's So Long note 

Anakin: Luke, help me take... this mask off.
Luke: But you'll die.
Anakin: Nothing can stop that now. Just for once, let me... look on you... with my own eyes.