Quotes / Klaus Kinski

It's difficult to watch Crawlspace as just another slasher. The presence of Klaus Kinski makes the story pointless. Kinski is the story. There are no other actors in the cast, just puppets for Kinski to play with. Schmoeller's contribution to the script and directing is of little value. The only man who could direct Klaus Kinski is Klaus Kinski.

“Klaus Kinski was the craziest person I’ve ever met. I had him for a week on that picture [Creature], out of a seven-week shoot. I remember the first words out of his mouth. He put his arm around me on the set and said, ‘You know, Bill, when Nastassja was 12, I raped her.’ And things went downhill from there....One time I was having lunch with him and his agent, and the producers were there. He had a girl with him who couldn’t have been a day over 15. While she was gone from the table, I leaned over and asked, ‘Klaus, where did you get this girl?’ He said, ‘Oh, vell, I hang around the schoolyards.’ And I knew the way he was saying it, he was telling me the truth. Klaus Kinski is dead now, and the world is a better place for it. He’d be happy I said that.”
William Malone, director, as quoted in Fangoria magazine (Issue #188, November 1999)