Film / Crawlspace

Crawlspace is a 1986 Slasher Movie directed by David Schmoeller and starring Klaus Kinski. It is notable for Kinski's usual on-set antics driving his co-stars and director almost insane to such an extent that Schmoeller made a short documentary about his experiences with Kinski titled "Please Kill Mr. Kinski". Despite all the issues, Kinski manages to unsurprisingly be the most memorable part of the otherwise mediocre film.

The story consists of Karl Gunther, son of a Nazi soldier, a guy with obvious issues who rents apartments out to beautiful women, peeps on them and kills them by rigging the apartments with traps. He is also being stalked by a Nazi Hunter whom he decides to take care of. Then there is a mute slave he keeps trapped in a cage whom he talks to. He also is suicidal and plays Russian Roulette with himself.

Tropes in this film include: