Quotes / Kill Him Already!

You don't leave an enemy at your back. Not if you like living.
Delta: Agent Washington, if I may. Before you arrived, South attempted to turn me over to the Meta to save herself.
Wash: Really.
Delta: Much like she wounded you to let herself escape in our previous encounter with it. And as I have learned during our travels, her brother North suffered a similar fate.
Wash: What a team player.
Delta: It is highly probable that she will turn on us again soon, and in her current [injured] state, she will only hamper our progress.
Wash: What are you suggesting?
Delta: That we do not allow her to hamper our progress.
Wash: Okay. [takes aim]
South: Oh, come on, Wash. What are you gonna do, shoot- [blam]
Wash: Yes. [Beat] Good suggestion.
Delta: You're welcome.
— Agent South Dakota gets what's coming to her in Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction

You're letting him go? After everything he's done? Kill him already!
Alistair, Dragon Age: Origins

"When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk."