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Quotes: Just One More Level
"I hate this game, but why am I playing it? Well, that's the question everyone has asked themselves. They all have the same reason; because you're angry and you wanna win. You wanna beat the Nintendo—but the cold fact is that nobody cares but you."

"The grotesque brown sludge of dirt, salt, and snow will pile upon the curbs and all the yuppies and helicopter parents will look up and shout 'plow us!' and I will look down and whisper 'Shut up, I'm playing video games.'"

"It does come with a World of Warcraft hat, which will help explain to people why you disappeared for several months and returned as a manatee."

"I started playing at around noon, and emerged from my room sometime later to find that the authorities had declared me legally dead."

"You wait ages for a turn-based fantasy-themed strategy game to come along and then you miss the bloody bus you were supposed to catch because you havenít got around to putting your pants on yet because itís vitally important that you take just one more turn, and then just one more turn after that, and, seriously, forget it, I donít even know where the bus is going anyway and all my pants are at least as far away as the other side of the room, and thereís an ogre eating my livestock."
Rock Paper Shotgun (referencing Elemental: Fallen Enchantress)

"I decided to take it home to see what all the buzz was about. Big mistake. For the next few months, I spent every possible moment playing the game. Sleeping only a couple of hours a night, I would stay up 'till dawn playing, wake up minutes later and get right back into it. I was even going home from work at lunch to get a hurried hour in. It got so bad my roommates had a "talk" with me. Finally, I finished my first game, and proceeded to stumble about for weeks after, having paranoid delusions that aliens really were invading Earth, cautiously looking for a flashing red 'enemy in sight' warning in my peripheral vision."
'Gamespot review of X-COM: UFO Defense

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