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Quotes: Intercourse with You
Marlene: Well, for one thing, after you lose your virginity, you start to notice that a lot of old songs you thought you knew really well were actually about sex the whole time.
Cleo: Crazy! Like, which ones?!
Marlene: Every single one of them.

"I know you're used
to dinner and a movie.
Why not be my dinner
While making the movie?"
Jamie Foxx And the rest of his platinum-selling album was pretty much more of the same.

"Imagine you were at my station
And you brought your motor to me
You're a burner, yeah, a real motorcar
Said you want to get your order filled
Made me shiver when I put it in
Pumping just won't do ya now lucky for you
Whoever thought you'd be better
At turning a screw than me
I do it for my life
Make my driveshaft crank
Make my pistons bulge
Make my ball bearings melt from the heat!
Megadeth - Mechanix

"Round round, get around, I get around
I get around, round round. I get around."
The Beach Boys "They get around".

"Let me put my love into you babe
Let me cut your cake with my knife "
AC/DC, "Let Me Put My Love Into You"

"So no, caviar, sharp bar, uh uh
Strictly sex that's pretty and left over spaghetti
I know you used to slow CD's and Don P's
But tonight its eight tracks and six-packs while I hit that!

"You must be used to me spendin
And all that sweet winin' and dinin'
Well I'm fuckin' you tonight!"

Simon Amstell: "Why don't you tell the nice BBC viewers what your song "Flip Reverse You" was about?"
Kenzie: "Erm...women."
Russell Howard: "Women? It was about anal in a truck!"

Where I go, when I go there,
No more shadows anymore—
Only men with golden fins;
The rhythm in them, rocking with them, to shore...

Where I go when I go there,
No more weeping anymore.
Only in and out your lips;
The broken wishes, washing with them, to shore.
—> Spring Awakening, "Touch Me"

I have been in you
Baby, you have been in me
And we, have be, so intimately entwined
And it sure was fine.
Frank Zappa, "I Have Been In You"

Yogi: Actually, I do have this: a vial of the distilled nectar of our rarest, ugliest flower. Whoever imbibes of it will instantly know a great truth.
Wonderella: Ooh! Givey!
Yogi: A word of caution: not ALL truths are pleasant. Think carefully before you decide you are prepared for an absolute truth... honest, complete and raw... unfiltered, unfettered...
Yogi: Fine, geez!
[Wonderella takes the vial and drinks.]
Wonderella: <gasp!> "Sledgehammer" was about Peter Gabriel's DICK!

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