Quotes / Impoverished Patrician

...And that gent today
You gave a cent today
Once had several chateaux!

When folks who still can ride in jitneys
Find out Vanderbilts and Whitney's
Lack baby clothes...
Anything goes!

"No man is blest in every single thing.
"One is of noble birth, but lacking means."
— A surviving fragment of Sthenoboea, quoted in The Frogs

Before, I forgot to show you the house with the most lineage, that of Don Luis. He is the hidalgo. "No Stain",note  no money at all. He's always waiting for a letter that never arrives. His ancestors must have forgot to write him.
The Narrator, Welcome Mr. Marshall!

"Upon meeting me, you might find that my appearance is quite dreadful and unkempt. I have been spat upon by priest, king, and merchant alike. I have no retainers, and possess nothing except a straight sword six hand spans (five and a half kret) long (this is the proper length). This is because I am Royalty and the undisputed master of the principal art of Cutting. I will fight naked with ten-thousand men."
Meti's Sword Manual, Kill Six Billion Demons