Quotes / I Know Mortal Kombat

Scott: ...Is that a talking penguin?
Prinny: ...I'm a Prinny, dood!
Scott:...Like from Disgaea...-Scott pokes the Prinny-...Dood.
Prinny: ...Yeah...like from Disgaea...I didn't know anybody even played those games in Canada, dood!
Scott: Are you kidding?...I play all kinds of games, dood.
Prinny: Oh, well, that makes sense...uh...what's yer favorite game, dood?
Scott:...That's a pretty tough question, dood. I like 'em all...Sonic 3 and Knuckles I guess...but I get most of my moves from Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom.
Prinny: Oh, yeah, the Sonic games are classics, doo..."Get yer moves from"?
Scott: Yeah, my moves! Back home, I'm the best fighter in the province! I kick all kinds of ass!...At least four kinds. And I learned all my combos!
Prinny: ...I didn't know video games actually taught something, dood! That's...somewhat impressive!

"Your cars are no match for my mad Frogger skillz!"

Of course! I'm fully instrument rated on Microsoft Flight Simulator!"''

"My reflexes have been honed by years of videogames!"

Polnareff: Oh, by the way, I'm surprised you can drive even though you're a highschooler.
Kakyoin: Yeah, I'm pretty decent at F-Mega.
Polnareff: That's a Video Game! Hey, switch out with me!
(Kakyoin is now driving terribly.)
Polnareff: Why are you pressing down on the gas?! Brake! Brake! Step on the brake!
Kakyoin: Brake? The A button is the accelerator and the R button is to drift.
Polnareff: It ain't a game! Brake! Brake!
(Kakyoin is still driving terribly.)
Polnareff: That's the gas! Switch with me! Switch with me!

Josh: What are we gonna do?
Drake: I'm gonna fly this helicopter! You've seen me play Helicopter Rescue!
Josh: What? That's a video game!
Drake: So? If I can land a military helicopter on the Empire State Building and rescue the princess while a giant lobster's shooting rockets at me, I think I can land this thing on a freeway, alright?
Josh: I won't argue with that logic!
Drake & Josh, "Helicopter"

Jesse McCree: D.Va, just tell me one thing. Where'd you learn to shoot like that?
Hana "D.Va" Song: 16-Bit Hero!

"It's fun to imagine that I've accrued some genuine knowledge in my quest to achieve more potent 'skillz' in the digital realm. There may be scenarios in which I could represent our species well. If alien invasions occurred with greater frequency, I think I could really distinguish myself."
Jerry Holkins, "Penny Arcade Vol. 1: Attack of the Bacon Robots!"

"My people spent centuries on the run, learning to hide, learning to evade pursuit... to the point it became a martial art. Dan-kelga, the art of cunning. I, uh, never learned it. But they say a lot of it trickled down into the game of hide-and-seek. Boy, did I hope they were right."