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Quotes: Hero Insurance
Leela: Are you crazy? We have to keep our secret identities secret.
Fry: From everybody?
Leela: Especially from everybody!
Fry: Give several reasons why.
Leela: For one, superheroes cause a lot of collateral damage, and we don't wanna get our butts sued.
Fry: Or do we? ...No, I guess not.
Futurama, "Less Than Hero"

"It's like they say. The bigger they are, the more catastrophically irreversible the property damage"
Victor Mancha, Runaways, Vol. 2, Issue 20

If that was me I would be like, "No! I dont want to drink from you. I want you to fix this god damn wall before my dad gets home from work. He's not going to believe a dancing bowl of fruit punch came in here and Im going to get beat with a toaster. This is bullshit, DONT TOUCH ME. Please, I'll kick you in the legs you're very top heavy and you will smash. You fix this wall, if you get thirsty drink yourself you glass son of a bitch." "Oh yeah!" "Oh no! Thats your problem, your slogan should be 'oh no what have I done to this beautiful home?!'."
Dane Cook, on the Kool-Aid Man

"Sorry, Livid! Re-killing your husband was fine, but you're going back to jail for driving cars off the ferry, credit card fraud and wrecking school property!"
MAD parody of Double Jeopardy

Civilian #1: "Not another Power Ringer battle! We still have gotten the builings fixed from last time!
Civilian #2: "No wonder Angel Corners has the highest insurance rates in the world!"
"Mightily Murdered Power Ringers" A parody of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Send paramedics to the bridge.
Doug Carlin, protagonist of Déjà Vu, after causing multiple car wrecks resulting in unknown amounts of injury and death.

What the hell's the matter with you people? You've caused more damage than that goddamn thing did!
Mayor Ebert to the US Armed Forces, Godzilla1998

Q: Will you need collision insurance?
Bond: Yes.
Q: Fire?
Bond: Probably.
Q: Property damage?
Bond: Definitely.
Q: Personal injury?
Bond: I hope not, but accidents do happen.
—James Bond and Q discussing how much Hero Insurance will be needed for the movie's Cool Car, Tomorrow Never Dies

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