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"Five, seven, then five
Syllables mark a Haiku
Remarkable oaf."

Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don't make sense.
Fun T-Shirt saying

Any moron can
write Haiku, just stop at the
seventeenth syllab-
— Seen in The Washington Post Style Invitational

This could go badly.
The potential for abuse?
Over Nine Thousand.
slvstrChung, during YKTTW

Chorus of my song:
All the lines are seven long,
Unless they are five.

Chorus of my song:
Singing more is singing wrong;
Rhythm can't survive.

Howard: I've composed a haiku, in honor of this moment.
Kreese: Alright, drop it down.
Howard: Ninja rise from floor.
Red spray-paint ceiling and walls.
Jack is triumphant.

Kreese: 5, 7, 5, bitches.