Quotes / Gratuitous Spanish

"El Dorado didn't speak English very well. But not in the same way normal people do. He did fine with complex words and phrases, but every time he got to a word that a moron might have learned in their first week of Spanish class, he slipped into his native tongue. It could be that in his extensive linguistic studies El Dorado forgot to learn our word for "yes," or it could be that his dialogue was written by morons in their first week of Spanish class."

I never learned a human language.
My father spoke a High Middle Polish.
In one half-hour I'm talking in Spanish:
Por favor! Toreador!
I am easily assimilated.
I am so easily assimilated.
It's easy, it's ever so easy!
I'm Spanish, I'm suddenly Spanish!
Candide, "I Am Easily Assimilated"