Quotes / Gratuitous Rape

Do you know how much better The Running Man would be if they added a rape scene to the movie? Oh, that's right, it wouldn't! [...] Perhaps the thing I most take offence at is how the female prisoners are basically rape magnets for the guys, which comes across as a cheap device for the film-makers to tell us "this is wrong". This whole sequence is completely out of place, and it marks the point where the movie crosses the line of no return.

You didn't think about the weight of including a rape scene! You just used it as a cheap shock tactic and that's deplorable! The movie itself, beforehand, was so bad, but this just leaves a truly rotten taste in the mouth, and I can say without hesitation that this movie can go fuck itself.

"A better title for your play would be Rape-Rape: A Tale of Rapening. Also, your next play should have a little less rape in it."
Davan, Something*Positive, in his rejection letter to the writer of a bad play.

I know who I am when I'm saying this, but rape is possibly the worst thing one can do to another. Such an act, if included in a narrative, will bring it to a grinding halt. You have to respect your audience and address the issue directly. You do not diminish this violent act by making it the sidestory.
Bennett the Sage on the rape subplot in Doomed Megalopolis

Rape, in the more unsettling regions, will be going on all around you. It abounds in Lucius Malfoy's Dark Revels and seems to be one of the best ways for your tour guides to establish a Potterian's evil credentials. Severus Snape will refer to it aggressively when he is trying to prove to his lovingly forgiving female friend how horrible he is. But this type can be considered a sort of background noise or theme music to the main action of the plot. It sets an appropriately horrifying mood for dealing with death eaters and other such villains.
Rugi and Gwena, Tough Guide to Harry Potter

What'd we miss? Oh yeah. Karen was raped by her uncle as a little girl. What does that add to the story? Absolutely nothing. I'm SO glad we did that. [...] You know when unnecessary rape has ever made a story better? NEVER!!
Count Jackula on Death Bed (2002)