Quotes / Flying Brick

Songbird: Flight, super-strength and laser beams are enough for anyone.
Moonstone: Maybe for someone like you.

"Guys, Hawkman sucks. Hawkman sucks real bad. I would venture to say that he is the worst of the DC characters still kicking around from the Golden Age. Which is weird, because he shouldn't be, right? He's got a really cool look. He look awesome: he's got the helmet with the feathers. I will respect any character who goes into battle with flying gorillas and guys with names like the Sin Eater and doesn't even wear a shirt. Just straps it on, ready to go. That's a cool dude — In theory... With Hawkman, the flying thing is all he's got. And not only can Superman do that, everyone can do that. Ninety percent of superhero characters, their powers are 'flight and...' Especially when you get to the eighties and nineties."
Chris Sims, Here's the Thing