Quotes / Flying Car

"It's the flying car of the future! Today!"

"It is the year 2000, but where are the flying cars? I was promised flying cars! I don't see any flying cars—Why?--Why?--Why?"
Avery Brooks in this ad.

Through the skyways above flew autogyros, aerowings, airphibions, rotovions, rotodynes, gyropteres, aeroscrafts, aerotifers, aerophers, ornithopters, discopters, cleopters, vertifans, volantors, VTOL's, STOL's, microlights, backpack helicopters, flying platforms, lifting bodies, aerial busses, inflataplanes, sky-scoots, spinners, helistats, helipods, helicogyres, helioplanes, anti-graviton spheres, tailsitters, tiltwings, fanwings, flyders, flettners, floaters, flycles, paraplanes, pedal-props and jet-propelled pogo-sticks.
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space