Quotes / Final Boss

<BombScare>: i beat the internet
<BombScare>: the end guy is hard
bash.org, quote #4278

So your dwarf wanders in and goes, "...uuhhh, is this Ember's room?" TAKE A FUCKING GUESS, FLINT!
Noah Antwiler plays Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Flame

Kreese Kreeley: This is it! The Final Match with The Final Boss in The Final Stage!
Howard "Buckshot" Holmes: Finally!

Bow thy head and open your heart to the benediction of God's light!
Drink in the light and cleanse your soul!
Surrender to the radiance...
Divine love eternal!

"Bwahahahaha!!! What's a finale without a Bowser appearance? A cruddy finale, that's what!"
Bowser, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Doornote 

"Super dreadnought class battleship, closing fast! This is it, the final enemy of the human race!"