Quotes: Fanon Dis Continuity

Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: "It might have been."
John Greenleaf Whittier

More sad are those we daily see: "It is, but hadn't ought to be."
Bret Harte

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    Anime and Manga 

Keroro: Now, do you have any questions?
Tamama: I don't know... this sounds a lot like that Wet-traman operation from the other day...
(Keroro gets an weird look on his face and pauses whilst an image of Wet-traman appears in the background)
Keroro: Okay!! Men... let's go recruit some beasts!!...
Tamama: I knew it... he's going to pretend it didn't happen...
Keroro Gunsou, Encounter 67 — The Charge of The Animal Brigade

    Film — Animated 

— Graffiti on an alley wall, Wreck-It Ralph

    Comic Books 

Wolverine: What about Onslaught?
Beast: We just pretend that never happened... for the Professor's sake.


'Dimensions in Time'... we don't like to talk about that.


"Gwen Stacy isn't dead, she's only sleeping,
And Elektra isn't evil or insane.
And those bastards in the Pentagon can't really kill Sue Dibny,
No more than they could kill off Lois Lane"
Four-Color Love Story by the Metasciences


At least we can live with the comfort that, someday, our sun will swell into a red giant and suck up the earth and burn it into a crisp. I mean, humanity will be gone, and every possible accomplishment of humanity will be burned into an ash in a millisecond but, y'know, at least the Star Wars prequels will be gone.

    Web Animation 

Yahtzee: Bioshock Infinite is a retread, but it's the good kind of retread that uses a formula that works to explore new ideas, and it's a worthy sequel to the original!
Viewer: Don't you mean second sequel, Yahtzee?
Yahtzee: GET OUT.

    Web Original 

Sure, lots of people rejected previous bits of Doctor Who in the Wilderness Years, but this was basically the first time that a book had the unanimous response of 'thanks but no thanks.' It wasn’t some active campaign or a conscious, authoritative decision or anything like that. It was just a moment where the breaking point of Doctor Who fandom became clear. This was a bridge too far. Official license and BBC logo on the book or not, this was clearly not canon.
Dr. Phil Sandifer on War of the Daleks

I’m always happy for a show to add depth to their current episodes by referencing the past except when the past episode mentioned is Cyberwoman. Don’t do it again.

Indeed, part of me is tempted to imagine the entirety of the film as a weird shared nightmare between Kirk, Spock and McCoy while camping, down to Bones’ special beans.

The latter two films are merely Ripley’s lengthy, detailed bad dream while in hypersleep. Yes, people are seriously suggesting this. Are we trying to bring back Corporal Hicks or Bobby Ewing?

[Hillary] Swank had a brief run on Beverly Hills 90210 and starred in The Next Karate Kid, a film that we're pretty sure doesn't actually exist. (Except that there's evidence.)

You will believe a man can fly after watching the first movie. You will enjoy Kryptonian villainy in the second movie. You will shrug at everything in the third movie except the toothsome Annette O'Toole as Lana Lang. They didn't make a fourth one. No, they didn't. No, that was a dream. (I like Batman better anyway.)
Truth & Justice bibliography entry, by Chad Underkoffler.

They told us that Returns just skipped over Superman III and IV, but I prefer to think of it as the movie that would’ve happened if Superman never got over being a douchebag in this one.
Chris Sims, David Uzumeri, and Matt Wilson on Superman III

Which brings us to the Karate Kid trilogy. Sure, there was allegedly a fourth installment ("The Next Karate Kid," featuring Hillary Swank as Mr. Miyagi's new student), but as far as I'm concerned, that movie never happened. You hear me? Just like "Rocky V," "Another 48 Hrs.," "Caddyshack II," "Another Midnight Run," "Fletch 2," "Made," "Slap Shot II: Breaking the Ice," the final season of "90210" and everything else, "The Next Karate Kid" never happened.

    Web Video 

What have your films had
Like, thirteen re-edits?

(Well, most of your runtime
Was spent on the credits
We're on movie number seven
While you're still on your sixth)
Yes, but unlike you we don't pretend
That three don't exist"

This whole mess doesn't remotely fit... MOVING ON!

Cashier: Okay, that's the Rocky giftset. That's going to be $49.99.
Sports Guy: Uh... we have a question.
Cashier: Sure.
Sports Guy: I don't want to pay for Rocky V. I like to pretend that Rocky V never happened.

… watching it actually makes me cringe. I feel like I have to turn the volume down and face the TV toward the wall and watch it in a dark corner of somewhere where nobody will ever know. It just leaves you with a bad, bad feeling, like this movie should not exist.

Rich: Do they still use "Alan Smithee", or is that too famous?
Jay: They've retired it now. There's another one.
Mike: The name is "George Lucas." (everyone guffaws) Or Roberto Orci, or Alex Kurtzman, or J.J. Abrams. There's so many now.

"Highlander 2 never happened. Don't make us hurt you."
Noah Antwiler, The Spoony Experiment

Mark: Listen, Lunchbox, I don't expect you to understand it, so let me give it to you like this: Sonic Heroes happened. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) happened. (Mark goes on to list off dozens of Sonic games, including the less popular ones, and stating how they all "happened".) THAT—
Sage: (Gesturing to the movie) This?
Sage: So Sonic fans handled this... through denial.
Mark: It was either living a lie or booze.

This film is such a misstep all around that you can pick it up and remove it from the franchise without consequence. Moving from 4 to 6 without 5 still flows naturally. In fact, it arguably works better to ignore it altogether, since 6 carries on the themes of the previous trilogy, and it removes a number of things that contradict established Trek lore, and/or common sense.

JdG: And if you happen to be a young one not having seen [the Indiana Jones movies] yet, then just give up on this video and go watch them right now, I authorize you, it's really one of the best ever trilogy of cinema.
Seb: Quadrilogy.
(JdG fires a hand cannon)
JdG: You'll have to cut my balls with rusty shears drenched in vinegar before I'd admit that the fourth movie is part of the saga!