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Quotes: Fanon
"That explains everything. Grandpa has obviously been systematically slicing off people's hands and replacing them with much larger appendages in an attempt to make his own appearance seem less horrifying. Now that I have said it, it must be canon!"

"We get at least four “newbie” immortals, which leaves one to wonder how there can ever be only one if new immortals keep getting born. My personal fan-retcon is that the start of the Gathering marks the end of new immortals being born. So Richie and the other newbies are members of the last generation of immortals, born just before the beginning of the Gathering. It’s a theory that hasn’t been contradicted by anything in the continuity of the franchise except for Highlander: The Source, which is so bad that it should never count."

Sun-Sun: This is canon. FOREVER!!!
Tetrominon: Novels, anime, what the fuck ever. As far as I'm concerned, this is canon.
— Comments from two different strips of this series of Haruhi Suzumiya Yonkoma Doujinshis.

Mab: There, there... I guess Shonen-ai in Furfire was just not meant to be, Zina.
Silver: You know, I could've told you that much...
Zina: Pfft! Silly Silver! You're just the creator! What do you know?
Furfire fanart

"Sometimes I forget that I kinda sorta totally made up his characterization for the purposes of this comic."

dantheman40k: I named him [Robin's father] Carl in a fanfic I wrote. NOW IT IS CANON! MWAHAHA!
David Willis, creator of Shortpacked!: I don't think that's how canon works!

"Holy shit fanon is a stupid word."

With the advent of the Internet—which largely occurred after Jenkins wrote his work—fans actively connect, link, and discuss with other fans, and in doing so go beyond “poaching”: what they construct can no longer be seen as a mere reworking of the source text, as the aura attached to the source text has largely disappeared. The original authorized text is no longer at the center of the universe of fandom; storylines, characters and additions created by fans ensure that multiple readings and plots hold value. Linking to other websites is an important tool to spread these diversified interpretations, and through online discussion fans arrive at a multiplicity of interpretations that are in constant competition with each other.
Artemis Misteriosa’s reappropriation of the text is in fact still rather conservative, in that it does nothing to introduce new characters. That is the prerogative of the fan: an appreciation of the original does not preclude an alternate storyline, nor does a contentious relationship to the original producers or text preclude a genuine investment in a text’s characters.

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