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Quotes: Expy
"It’s not like they’re exactly the same, though. I mean, Darkseid has a miniskirt and Thanos has a shiny golden codpiece. And Thanos is totally into death, while Darkseid is into anti-life! See? Completely different!"
Chris Sims, "The 5 Greatest Knockoff Characters in Comics"

David: Here’s another thing about Smallville's Green Arrow: Why is he just Batman? You could replace him with Batman and he would be exactly. The. Same. Probably even MORE appropriate.
Chris: I noticed that this episode. He is clearly Just Batman, and the writers are actually writing him as Batman. Which is probably why there are entire episodes about him instead of Clark, because he gets to be a super-hero.
David: Like, that whole breaking into Cat Grant’s place? Total Batman move. And he doesn’t spout over the top leftist ideology, like a Smallville Green Arrow should...
Chris: ...Replace arrows with Batarangs and yeah, totally Batmanning it up. I will say, though: Kind of a dick move in that he totally made exactly zero effort to assure Cat that he was not there to murder her.
David: Which would make sense — wait for it — IF HE WERE BATMAN.
Smallvillains on Smallville'' ("Shield")

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