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"It’s not like they’re exactly the same, though. I mean, Darkseid has a miniskirt and Thanos has a shiny golden codpiece. And Thanos is totally into death, while Darkseid is into anti-life! See? Completely different!"

“Yikes!” is definitely Screech's catchphrase by this point, coming more than once during this episode. It's literally Shaggy's “Zoinks!” in all but name, which Screech outright started using a few years later in The New Class. Watching the show in broadcast order, as opposed to randomly catching syndicated repeats, really underscores Dustin Diamond's Shaggy obsession of the time. It makes you wonder how many feet of wasted film were burned off with take after ruined take of Screech addressing Zack as “Fred.”
Stuart Millard on Saved by the Bell, So Excited, So Scared

David: Here’s another thing about Smallville's Green Arrow: Why is he just Batman?
Chris: He is clearly Just Batman, and the writers are actually writing him as Batman. Which is probably why there are entire episodes about him instead of Clark, because he gets to be a super-hero.
David: Like, that whole breaking into Cat Grant’s place? Total Batman move.
Chris: Replace arrows with Batarangs and yeah, totally Batmanning it up. I will say, though: Kind of a dick move in that he totally made exactly zero effort to assure Cat that he was not there to murder her.
David: Which would make sense — wait for it — IF HE WERE BATMAN.
Smallvillains on Smallville'' ("Shield")

In which I lampshade the hell out of my own plot and make extras look sort of like popular fictional characters for some reason.
Dan Shive, El Goonish Shive, the rant on this page.

Aru: What are you looking at? I'm not Kaworu.
Yuki: And I'm not Shinji, either!
Yuno (not Rena): Stop analyzing us, we're completely original characters!
Demolition D+ on Future Diary

Summer: Ooh, there's a new Steven Universe on! Lark, are you watching Steven Universe? It's the best show EVAR!
Lark: Steven's dad is Homer Simpson.
Summer: What? Steven's dad is NOT Homer Simpson—
[cut to scene involving Steven and Greg, Greg has yellow skin and is wearing Homer's clothes]
Steven: Dad, I think you accidentally used yellow dye instead of body wash and acid instead of shampoo this morning.
Greg: D'oh!

I don't know whether to make a Ninja Turtles joke or a Power Rangers joke.

Wait, so now I can do a Transformers joke too?
64 Things WRONG With Paper Marionote 

Roman: Well, there is one thing I think we can all be thankful for, you guys.
Logan: Oh yeah? What is that?
Roman: You can't get any more unique than all of us.
Patton: That's right, Roman!
Roman: *laughs*
Patton: I didn't wanna admit I was a bit confused by that. He's such a big Disney fan, I would've thought he'd see how similar we are to the concept of Inside Out-
Roman: WHAT?! Oh my-