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Quotes: Evil-Detecting Dog
"Dogs just don't like me, I guess."
Ted Bundy, as quoted in a Reader's Digest article

Because, as we all know, no one evil has ever gotten on the good side of a dog. (cuts to picture of Hitler with his dog) Oh, right.
Diamanda Hagan, Apocalypse 2: Revelation review.

"That's their early warning system — a Cocker Spaniel?"

Once upon a time, when humans weren’t much more than animals, we relied on our dogs to scare off the Others who wanted to prey on us and do mischief. Cats hunted and fought with the lesser Goblins, returning to owners with torn ears or small injuries. They still have those instincts. To destroy things of darkness, foulness and blight, before rot can set in.
Briar Girl, Pact

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