Quotes: Escapism

"She doesn't go to school or go home. She just plays video games all day."

"You are Bella Swan"
People defend her , because they are really defending themselves"
Shmelia Rockie, YABS

Phineas: If you could have a super power, which one would it be?
Bufford: That's an interesting question you pose, as it reveals not only one's impulses and desires, but one's deepest fears as well.
I never fully understood [the label of 'escapist'] till my friend Professor Tolkien asked me the very simple question, 'What class of men would you expect to be most preoccupied with, and most hostile to, the idea of escape?' and gave the obvious answer: jailers."
C. S. Lewis, "On Science Fiction"

"Most people live their lives turning their backs on things too difficult to face. Ignoring what hurts you eventually becomes a habit, the natural thing to do. If we only allow ourselves to see what we want to see, we just end up fooling ourselves more and more. But eventually, we cloud our vision so completely, that we become blind to the small truths that are all around us. The same way that the twinkling of the stars is blotted out by the glare of bright city lights."
Polka, Eternal Sonata

"Titanic, as a movie, played it safe. All the things I suggested to add depth to the caracters were disregarded. James Cameron isn't a lousy screenwriter; he might in fact be a fucking genius of some kind. But whether it's emotional familiarity, vicarious fantasy romance, simple adventure and excitement, sci-fi action and danger, or cheap thrills and laughs—these are movies, and this is what people love about them: the ability to vicariously transport yourself into a fantasy world, away from your boring day job as a bank teller, a CPA, or a tollbooth operator."