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Quotes: Enforced Method Acting
"I knew he wasn't trying to kill me. I hadn't finished making the movie yet."
Eli Wallach, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly DVD extras

"You didn't say cut, so I just hung on."
Harold Sakata on why he let himself be electrocuted for realsies, Goldfinger

"So I was driving up to the gate of this estate in a big Cadillac, with Armand Assante sitting next to me and holding a gun to my head, when the neo-Nazis opened fire. Assane jumped out of the car into the bushes, while I kept driving and screaming, 'It's me! It's me!' until the car blew up. There were flames shooting past the windows (gas had been ignited along the path of the car), and there were cameras attached to the car on both sides. By the time I finally got out of there, my pants, the laces on shoes, my socks, were all burnt, almost to my calf... (On every picture, the A.D. is the biggest pain in the ass; he's the guy that hollers, "Quiet, we're rolling," and always very loud; they all have terrible voices.) Over his bullhorn, this A.D. was yelling, 'We're doing it again, one more take.'

'Like hell, you're doing it again,' I said. 'And if you
do do it again, there's somebody else going to be sitting in this goddamned car."
Alan King (on the making of I, the Jury), Name Dropping

"'Punch me as hard as you can in the chest.' Next thing I know, I was in intensive care at St. Johnís Hospital for four days. Itís stupid!"
Sylvester Stallone says the wrong thing to Dolph Lungdren, Rocky IV

Gabriel: He was always in his own movies. He himself was gonna be Leto, his son was gonna be Paul... He said, "Okay, well, you've gotta be like Paul," and had him fuckin' train with some lunatic French martial artists in swords and combat and shit, like six hours a day—every day—for six months.
Yahtzee: Method acting?
Gabriel: That's his kid! That's not method acting, that's just, "You have to be Paul Atreides now!"
Yahtzee: Okay, that is a bit fucked.
Ben Croshaw and Gabriel Morton on Alejandro Jodorowsky's unfilmed Dune

"A cop thriller so badass that, for the chase scene, they just shot Gene Hackman driving against traffic in a real street and put that in the movie. Yes, they broke the law to film a movie about a cop who would undoubtedly pump some lead into your ass for doing just that."
Cracked, on The French Connection

"He's been called crazy and has spent most of his life almost dying, yet almost all of Jackie's insane stunts were necessary. For example, if the script calls for Jackie to get dragged by a helicopter ladder, the best way to film that is to drag Jackie Chan from a helicopter. If he breaks his foot jumping onto a hovercraft and you still need to film him water skiing from the back of it, it only makes sense to paint his broken foot like a shoe and tell the crew to get back to work...By far the most needlessly painful stunt in Jackie's career happened during Project A Part II. He was losing a fistfight, so he evened the odds by chewing up hot peppers and spitting the juice onto his knuckles. You probably already know what I'm about to say, but the goddamn hot peppers were real. Jackie Chan is so unnecessarily Method that he pays his father's palm a dowry before asking his own hand to masturbate."
Seanbaby, "The 6 Most Needlessly Dangerous Jackie Chan Stunts"

"Itís an acceptably tense bit, but I get a chuckle from the gasps May lets out every time an explosion goes off... she makes a face like a gaffing fish. Apparently, this was a legit reaction at the time, because (Sharon) Stone wasnít used to huge explosions going off all around her."
The Agony Booth on The Specialist

"The cost of the movie rose when all of the stunts were really done on location in South America and done by the actors. Do you see that truck? Itís really at that angle on that rickety bridge and (Roy) Scheider is really driving that thing! Thatís freaking hardcore! Scheider feared for his life."
Miles Antwiler on Sorcerer (1977)

"James Garner's marvelous detective series The Rockford Files (1974-1980) met a sudden and ignominious end twelve episodes into its sixth season...Garner was featured in almost every scene and in practically every episode his character gets beaten up or is involved in some climatic chase in which he rarely was doubled. By 1979 he had broken kneecaps, several ribs, knuckles, a spinal bone, and an ulcer to boot. Finally his body could stand it no longer. He checked into a hospital and The Rockford Files went into hiatus.

It never came back. The following month, Universal filed a $1.5 million breach-of-contract suit against the actor, publically claiming Garner was feigning all his easily verifiable injuries. They pissed off the wrong man... The case was finally settled in 1989 for an undisclosed sum, but the entire process only made Universal look like a den of thieves and, clearly, Garner won in the end."

Stuart Galbraith IV, historian

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