Quotes / Enfant Terrible


Everyone's going to be free
But they'll have to agree to be free
They'll have to agree to be less free than me
'Cos I rule the world you see
So wait for the army of kiddie winkies
And terrible tiny tots
In armoured school buses
Firing poison pea-shooters
And sinking their milkteeth into your thighs
Delapsus resurgam! When I fall I shall rise!
10CC, "I Want to Rule the World"

"Being a grown-up isn't so much. I'm not a man, and I can do anything. You can't."
Charlie, Star Trek: The Original Series ("Charlie X")

Buford: She gives me the willies...
Phineas: Little Suzy Johnson gives you the willies?
Buford: You don't know, man. You don't know!
Phineas and Ferb, "One Good Scare Ought To Do It!"

Gabe: These are babies that lie. Babies that cheat. And yeah, babies that kill.
Tycho: How can a baby do those things?
Gabe: Man, you're asking me to get inside the head of some crazy-ass, fucked-up baby. I don't want to go there.

Ladd: You...You're not really a child, are you?
Czeslaw: Glad to see you understand so quickly. Now, if you can kill all of those passengers for me...

It is total propaganda that all children are good and innocent.
Symus, Cwen's Quest

"Is he not beautiful?" she cried. "Is my son not beautiful, as fair as the summer sun?"

These were her last words.

I hope to meet you again, Flit-oniisan... (gives a Psychotic Smirk) if you survive long enough, that is.
Desil Galette, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

The look on your face when a toddler rips your heart out and shows it to you? Priceless.
Richard, Looking for Group

With the shoulder bone connected to the,” she paused, “Hip bone…”

“And the hip bone connected to the… back bone.”

She drew a pair of forceps from beneath her dress, another two pairs of forceps were retrieved, joining the first.

“And the back bone connected to the… knee bone. And the knee bone connected to the… hand bone.”

I was scared. I could admit that. I could barely think straight, I couldn’t move, and whatever she’d dosed me with was rendering me unable to use my power. It was there, it wasn’t like what Panacea had done; it hadn’t shut it down entirely. I could sense what my bugs did, and I could maybe give them crude instructions, but I couldn’t do anything even remotely complicated or delicate.

"And the neck bone connected to the-” She rocked her head to either side as she finished, “Head bone.”

Real Life

Somewhere in a Little Tikes Climb & Slide Castle, Justin Bieber is holding a meeting with his lawyer Teddius Stuffington, Esq. to discuss last night’s on-point Saturday Night Live commercial spoofing those busted black and white Calvin Klein ads. “They’re just jealous haters. Can we sue them for being jealous haters? Think about it and get back to me – I want to watch Bubble Guppies before my nap.”
Dlisted, "Cue Justin Bieber Threatening To Sue SNL In 3…2…1…"