Quotes: Dropped a Bridge on Him

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What kind of end is this?
Yeesha, on Kadish's suicide note in Uru

You kill me? A flunky?!
Lindsey, Angel ("Not Fade Away")

It's a story of sacrifice and betrayal. And of good people dying in stupid, pointless ways.

I was going through my script and realized I never wrote an exit from this scene for No Face. So I let Mara at him, and he is now dead. Kinda anti-climactic for him. Oh well. Not everything can be epic.
Megan Gedris, in the author's commentary of YU+ME: dream .

    Web Original 

Shatner: Maybe if we try an ending where I, you know, live
Stewart: Nice try, Bill. Now get under that stupid bridge!

Wolverine goes all Frank Miller noble samurai on us and has bunch of internal monologue about honor that, well, reads like Jeph Loeb wrote it. Then he goes out, finds Sabretooth in the forest, and lops Sabretooth’s head off...Sabretooth is okay with this, probably realizing how fucking ridiculous he looks and how long he’ll need to be off-camera before anyone’s going to take him seriously again. Of all the guys on this list, Sabretooth is probably the most likely to come back, but don’t expect it to happen for at least five or ten years. Wolverine’s got so much shit going on these days he doesn’t really need an arch-nemesis.

Chris: Clint Howard is dead in a refrigerator with an apple stuffed in his mouth.
Matt: No actors you like will survive!
— Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Barb Wire

Don't get me wrong, the Stargate series was great, focusing on various groups using the titular devices to travel and explore different worlds. But for all the series went into wormhole theory, their grasp of medical science left a bit to be desired...the straw on this particular camel came in Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis with the untimely and utterly surprising death of Dr. Beckett via...exploding tumor.

Yes, friends, an exploding tumor, big enough to take out an entire floor of Atlantis. The episode is mid-season, it is a framed episode (almost always a sure sign that it is written by a hack, since it stretches 5 minutes of story into 40 by just denying the viewer a basic bit of knowledge) and came out of nowhere. Basically, SGA was already planning on a major recast come Season 4 and didn't want to completely alienate everybody by changing things all at once...despite his exceptionally stupid demise Dr. Beckett did eventually get cloned and returned for a few cameos throughout season 5, proving — as if Optimus Prime's continuing resurrections weren't enough — that the one thing stronger than even death is Fan Demand.

Jonathan Kent died for a cheap hack's plot device... I'm so infuriated I want to be like Stephen Colbert. I want to pull out the 'dead to me' board and put Smallville on it, replacing 'Men with beards'.
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Reckoning")

As much as I dig the character, it's hard to think back fondly on the arrival of the villain who 'kills' Superman in the comics (i.e. Doomsday) but who is dispatched with nary a whimper here before our boy even becomes our boy...makes me spit blood to this day, just thinking about it. Worst season, easily.
Marc Pritchard on Smallville Season 8

How rubbish is the Doctor? He’s barely out of the TARDIS and he’s shot dead; at least he is one road ahead of the seventh Doctor in the TV Movie.

There’s the most impressively expedient character death ever as Nana Visitor’s character is blown up in a thoroughly contrived car bomb once her exposition is resolved.
Phil Sandifer on Torchwood: Miracle Day ("End of the Road")

    Web Video 

Scientists have determined that if you watch The Wrath of Khan and this back-to-back — the weighty theme of death culminating in Spock's death versus the vacuous nature of Kirk's here — that you are in serious danger of getting the bends and should seek out the nearest decompression chamber.
SFDebris on Star Trek: Generations

Grandma got run over by a... plot contrivance.
The Nostalgia Chick, The Christmas Shoes

    Real Life 

Bridge on the captain!
William Shatner, after filming his death scene in Star Trek: Generations

Pose this one for me: If you have—which they had—this icon of American television, why the hell didn’t they give him a spectacular death? Why did they give him such a really paltry death? Me shooting the bridge out or some BS whatever it was? They should have sent him off in a glorious fashion, and they didn’t. They missed an opportunity. Yeah, they re-shot. What did they reshoot? It was just as bad as the first one. And they spent several million dollars...I don’t care whose fault it was. Whoever came up with his death at the end, I thought it was really cheesy.

It was a script typo. We accidentally wrote: Killed by ‘Bridge on Kirk’ instead of ‘Kirk on the Bridge.’
Brannon Braga (Yes, it's his fault.)

To "put someone over" means to make them look credible—like a real, legitimate threat, an equal of sorts. Ric Flair put a lot of guys over in his career, meaning they beat him, and in doing so, became superstars. The best example of this is, obviously, Sting; at the very first Clash of the Champions, Flair allowed Sting to beat the crap out of him throughout their forty-five minute match. It should be noted that Sting didn't even win that match—it was a draw. Despite this, Flair had done such a masterful job of making Sting out to be an equal that fans bought him as being on par with the Nature Boy. In essence, Flair made Sting a star that night.

Just losing to a person doesn't necessarily mean anything, and it was clear from the beginning that Hogan wasn't willing to do for Kidman what Flair had done for Sting. In their first match, Hogan beat the crap out of him the entire time, until Bischoff finally hit Hogan with a chair and Kidman got the pin. Even though Kidman "won", fans saw it for what it was: Hogan getting screwed and Kidman merely being in the right place at the right time.
R. D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez, The Death of WCW