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Quotes: Disney Death
Bartman: We've defeated the aliens — but at such a terrible cost! Radioactive Man is —
Radioactive Man: Ooooh!
Bartman: — He's alive! I should have known! He always comes back in the comics!
Bartman issue #3, "The Final Collision!"

"*sniff* Why don't they ever check for a pulse?"
The Nostalgia Chick (saying what we all thought at some point)

"You'd be surprised what you can live through."
Genie and later Iago, Aladdin: The Return of Jafar

Chester A. Bum: But then the evil Shadow Man appears, and Ray the lightning bug tries to stop him. " Ray the lightning bug to save the day!" But then the Shadow Man is like.. ( claps to make a swatting sound effect, and then wipes his hand on his jacket)
Chester A. Bum: And I'm thinking to myself 'Oh, he'll be okay, he's a comic relief, he can survive anything'. (in a stunned and subdued tone) But no, he's dead.

[Sadira] comes up from behind and smacks the Witches back into the hole they came out of! But the third one grabs her leg and pulls her down with her! Aladdin races to the hole to save Sadira from eternal imprisonment in a realm with three angry witches, but his grip loosens! Sadira falls into the mists, sacrificing herself to save the kingdom!
Everyone sniffles over the loss, but....yeah right, this is a Disney cartoon.
Sure enough, she comes back in ten seconds.explanation 
Platypus Comix, "Five Best Aladdin: The Series Eps"

Yami: No. You can't be dead! Otherwise, 4Kids would've censored it!

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