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Quotes: Depending on the Writer


Grant Morrison: Someone else writes your life. They might play it safe and write you as a straight action superhero who fights animal-inspired supervillains every issue. They might do the obvious and go for shock by turning you into a meat-eater. I don't know.
Animal Man: How can they make me eat meat? I don't eat meat! I don't want to eat meat! I'm a vegetarian.
Grant Morrison: No, I'm a vegetarian. You'll be whatever you're written to be.
Animal Man, "Deus Ex Machina", Grant Morrison's last issue as writer.

Bat-Mite: Batman's rich history allows him to be interpreted in a multitude of ways. To be sure, this is a lighter incarnation, but it's certainly no less valid and true to the character's roots as the tortured avenger crying out for Mommy and Daddy. (Makes the paper disappear.) And besides, those Easter Bunnies looked really scary, right?!

Squidward: Patrick, just how stupid are you?
Patrick: It varies.

Kana: Don't worry, I won't tell this to anybody. I will carefully lock it into my heart... (smiles creepilly) and take it out sometimes to look at it. Yes... intently...

On works

"Early on, I learned that writing in a shared world works a whole lot better if you don't define 'sharing' as 'everything in the lore is up for grabs, no matter who created it'."
Elaine Cunningham on Realmslore

I know that three writers take turns writing episodes of Glee, and someday I would like for them to meet each other.

"Anytime you want to know who would win a fight between the Hulk and Galactus or Spider-Man and the Human Torch or anything: the correct answer is, it depends on who's writing the story and who he wants to win. Because the writer is like GOD."

Crow: Why do they need so many writers?
Tom Servo: Oh, they needed one guy for the verbs, one guy for the nouns, somebody for the adjectives, y'know, adverbs, gerunds.

"I donít understand this woman? Just like year she was preaching the Prime Directive as a creed that they have to cling onto with dear life if they are to escape the Delta Quadrant and now she is happily dismissing it because (and I quote): ĎIím not about to waste fifteen months because weíve run into a bunch of bullies!í If I were a Maquis crewmember I would call her screaming hypocrite although Iím willing to bet weíll be hearing about the all-powerful Prime Directive in a few episodes time. This isnít so much bad characterisation as it is lazy Ė I get a real feeling on this show that they donít keep track of what characters have said and done in the past and merely change their opinions to suit an episode. These people arenít characters, they're turning into plot devices. For some bizarre reason Janeway has a habit of talking like the Terminator this season Ė like some Hitleresque bully who thinks she can punch her way through whatever obstacles come in her way. She was like it in The Chute and sheís behaving exactly the same in this episode...just five episodes ago she was cowering under a table from a storm! Canít we find a happy medium between that wimp and this fascist?"
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "The Swarm"

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