Quotes / Critical Dissonance

I give the people what they love
While the critics say I'm evil
Got no time to read reviews
While I'm working on the sequel!

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    Web Original 

Now if [Bioshock Infinite is] the safest and most bland pick for one of the "best games" isn't on the "best games" list, what is the hot chance in hell that I'm ever going to see a game like Explorers of Sky on there? It isn't a universally-liked game; it wasn't even liked that much on release, and it was barely given a footnote in Nintendo history, if gaming history at large... It's one of those very few games I felt personally invested in, personally attached to, like it mattered that I was playing it and not just as a distraction from the grave. It is a joy to play and a joy to experience and at the same time will make you really, truly, sad if you let it.

    Web Video 

As always, if you do like these shows, that's great. It's just my silly, personal opinion. And I'm glad that you can enjoy these shows when I can't. So take this list with a pinch of salt.
PhantomStrider on his Top 10 Worst lists.

Obviously, I don't like Styx. I'm a music critic. It's part of the licensing exam. Can't be a music critic if you like Styx.

    Real Life 

Those big-shot writers could never dig the fact that there are more salted peanuts consumed than caviar... If the public likes you, you're good.
Mickey Spillane, author of the Mike Hammer series, a textbook example of this trope

By observing the relation between Meta Scores and total sales in Table 7 we see that the amount of scores on each interval forms a bell curve around the 70ís, much like with grades on an exam. As expected, higher scores lead to higher average sales. The only exception is from games scored in the 20ís, whose expectations are similar to that of games in the 70ís. It should be noted however that of the 7 titles that scored in the 20ís, 2 have sold over half a million.