Quotes / Commander Kitty

CK: I'll be with Mr. Socks in Engineering.
Mittens: In where? "Engineering" implies a big room to house the engine. You know... to walk around in.
MOUSE: Wheras, what YOU have is just :an engine:
Mittens: So what you meant to say was, "I'll be down near the engine."
MOUSE: ...And Socks isn't even working on the engine. He's in that storage room next to the engine.
Mittens: ...And if you're gonna start calling that engineering...
CK: [stuffs MOUSE in Mitten's mouth]

CK: No one makes a fool of Commander Kitty!
MOUSE: No one has to try very hard.


TRACE ("#@%!");
MOUSE, Have a nice wait!

III Worker: Recording... Prisoner number XP162844Q. Name, Nin Wah... Red Panda... Begin inventory... One green overcoat. ...One pair green pants ...One yellow shirt ...one pair boots ...one pink headband. Oh, very cute. ...One wallet. Fourteen space dollars. ...one comb. ...One space phone. ...One pack, "Bamboolicious" chewy gum. One... arm...
Nin Wah: Yeh, could I have that back, please?

[After Nin Wah is sentenced to 15 minutes of cleaning trash around the station]
III Worker: Well, here we are! Hope you're ready to start!
Nin Wah: This airlock doesn't look that dirty.
III Worker: Oh, not in here... ...out there.
Airlock Door: CLANG!
III Worker: When I said "around the station", I meant around the station.
Nin Wah: WHAT?! Don't I get a spacesuit?!?
III Worker: Sorry... Cutbacks, you know. While you're out there, you can start by cleaning up the last prisoner.

CK: Fluffy... Why did you put a leash on an eggplant?
Fluffy: I couldn't find any turnips!

CK: According to my iTri, her name is Nin Wah... she's from Panda Red... She was arrested yesterday on Gazelle... Woah, listen to this rap sheet, Socks! Vandalism... smuggling... kidnapping... illegal possession of deadly weapons... ...attempting to blow up planet Gazelle!
Socks: Dook dook?
CK: No, it doesn't know her favorite color. That's a feature in the paid app.

CK: Fluffy, what have I told you about Pool Cue Space Princess?
Fluffy: She doesn't exist?
CK: That's right. Now report to whatever it is you do here.

Come. We will be safe from airborne skull fragments in the observation lounge.
Android, Desperate times...

I invented Zenith in an attempt to create perfection. ...I invented these iKnows so people might have all the galaxy's information with just a thought. But now... I don't think perfection is all that great. And knowing everything doen't mean you know right from wrong.
Fortiscue, One more can't hurt

CK: If I may make an observation... without you hitting me!
Nin Wah: Muh... muh...
CK: Your arm looks like it got better.
Nin Wah: Gee, you THINK??

Oh, will you stop freaking out? I'm not an android!I no longer have any detachable parts! I am one hundred percent red panda, got it?
[Tugs on tail]
Nin Wah, One Hundred Percent

I don't understand! I just want my army of perfect slave children to rule the universe! Is that so much to ask? My plan is perfect! My creation is perfect! The only logical imperfection remaining is... Me.
[CK and Nin Wah come around corner]
Although... if I'm not perfect now, I can always be the most perfect one left alive.

HEY UGLY! You wanna pick on a brainless idiot? Try pickin on ME!
[everyone stares]
Oh, um...

CK finally musters up the courage and conviction to follow his dreams and make a difference! And like so many of us... fails anyway.
Kitty Komm, Give and Take

This is the cyborgomy lag. Be careful of the sluices on the floor. It used to get pretty messy in here, back in the day... ...last week.
Zenith, All In Her Head

Ace: I gotta admit... I didn't expect so many computers in a surgery room. I thought there'd be... you know, more scalpels and stuff!
Fortiscue: Well, scalpels and hacksaws might have been fine for your grandparents' brain transplant... But fortunately for the galaxy, I have invented more civilized and elegant methods of operating. [...] Are you ready to release all motor functions of this body, Mr. Socks?
[Cut to shot of bathroom door]
Fortiscue: It's worth the wait, believe me. I don't have an elegant solution for that.

Ace: But how? I mean, one does not simply commandeer a Triple-I Skyfly, docked in a Triple-I Mega Carrier!
Mittens: And we don't ask how.
Socks: *Nod nod*

Fortiscue: For this test, we're going to beam Fluffy from that ship to your T-Pad. But she's moving at about 50 space knots, so you should activate your de-inertialating interquantum anticellerizer.
CK: Yeah, yeah!
Mittens: Um, maybe we should wait for Mr. Socks, Commander?
CK: No. He's busy. Transporterize now!
* Wom wom wom wom wom zip! KERSHLORNK!*
Fortiscue: Transporterizing complete. Commander, did you get her?
Mittens: Uh, this is Lt. Mittens. Yes, he got her. About two feet up his nose, he got her.