Quotes / Chivalrous Pervert

Jim loved sex, probably more than he loved oxygen; but that didnít mean he didnít have principles.
—A Star Trek Fan Fic, on James T. Kirk

"The healing power of love awaits with Yon Angel! [Character name]! Tarry no longer!"
Sain, Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, on Lyn

"It's a part of every prince's job to give women something to dream about!"
Prince Wilfred, Private Prince

Sophie: That was very sweet of you, Alex. Especially for a man wearing such tight pants.
Alex: It forces all the blood to my heart.
I believe a woman has complete control and right over her body, and if she also wants to shake that ass while she makes a sandwich for me, that's fine too.
Philip Defranco, The Philip Defranco Show

I ask for consent before I thrash anuses.
YouTube user AnalThrasher69