Quotes: Can't Hold His Liquor

(Imca has gotten drunk off one beer.)
Chuck: Um... Asagi, I think your significant other needs your attention...
Asagi: Oh?
(Asagi waves her hand in front of Imca.)
Hello~? Immie~? You okay~?
Imca: I thinks I is okay.... when did you get 4 hands?
Asagi: ...I don't recall getting an extra pa-wait, you're drunk, aren't you?
Imca: Maebees....
Asagi: Woooooooooooow, and I thought Falkie was a light weight.
(Asagi Continues to wave her hand in front of Imca's face.)

"It's sad when the Straight Edge guy makes fun of the amount of liquor you cannot hold."
CM Punk on B-Boy, ROH: Straight Shootin' with CM Punk and Samoa Joe