Quotes / Camera Screw

Things are looking good until you suddenly decide the wall is far more interesting to look at than the crowd of friends armed with baseball bats that your now facially-challenged ex-opponent brought as backup. The wall, being the fascinating bit of scenery it is, manages to hold your attention for quite a while, perhaps due to the calming baseball bat massage being delivered to the back of your head (...) Then some guy shoots you. You try to run to him but think looking the opposite direction might be the best way to approach him.
—A Hyper Magazine review describing an example of the action in Yakuza.

"Not helping at all is a camera that refuses to rotate more than ninety degrees, so if you're faffing about behind the front layer of blocks then you're basically playing with a hessian sack on your head. 'I know how to fix this issue,' announced that one Atlus employee. 'We'll just straight-up reverse the controls when you're dangling off the far side of a block. Wait, I'm confused. What was I fixing again? Ooh, look, a puppy!'"

"It appears that the right stick is used as a Make You Wanna Vomit function."
JonTron on Aquaman: Quest For Atlantis

"You want to know what your worst enemy is in this game? Medusa heads? No. Stairs? No. Water? No. This time it's the camera itself."

"When it comes to 3D action games, it's a history of continual battle against camera angles."