Quotes / Bullet Hell

[Shoot Em Ups] still have a hardcore following amongst masochistic maniacs who actively enjoy dipping into titles like Perfect Cherry Blossom, which sort of resembles a firework display being sick.
Charlie Brooker, Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe

Oh God. Even the bullets shoot bullets.
— Zeon_1992 (A Kongregate commenter) on Bullet Heaven.

I even tried making bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets, but that turned into way too many bullets and went out of control.
— The developer's comment to the above.

If you can beat this, you can dodge rain.
— YouTube commenter on Mushihime Sama Futari's True Final Boss

Johnny: Give it up, Mega Man. I'm too fast for you to hit. By the time you take aim and fire, I'm already in a different place. Why, I'll bet you can't-- [BOOMPH]
Mega Man: I wasn't aiming for you. I was firing randomly until you ran into one of my shots.