Quotes / Bullet Hell

[Shoot Em Ups] still have a hardcore following amongst masochistic maniacs who actively enjoy dipping into titles like Perfect Cherry Blossom, which sort of resembles a firework display being sick.
Charlie Brooker, Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe

Oh God. Even the bullets shoot bullets.
— Zeon_1992 (A Kongregate commenter) on Bullet Heaven.

I even tried making bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets that shoot bullets, but that turned into way too many bullets and went out of control.
— The developer's comment to the above.

If you can beat this, you can dodge rain.
— YouTube commenter on Mushihime Sama Futari's True Final Boss

Johnny: Give it up, Mega Man. I'm too fast for you to hit. By the time you take aim and fire, I'm already in a different place. Why, I'll bet you can't-- [BOOMPH]
Mega Man: I wasn't aiming for you. I was firing randomly until you ran into one of my shots.

"Imagine if I were to draw a maze on a sheet of paper. I'm asking you to draw a line from the beginning of this maze to the end. You can't run into any dead ends, and you can't touch any of the lines. Now, while you're trying to do this, I'm moving the maze to the left. It would drive you fuckin' nuts. And if that's a bit too theoretical to accept, then let me explain it this way. Imagine playing Mega Man 2. Imagine you have no health bar. Imagine if you get hit one single fucking time, you're dead. And is that fair? It's challenging, yes. But, it's not to say that unless you're a hardcore expert, you're gonna take a few hits sooner or later. Now, I'm not done. Imagine on top of that, multiply the number of enemies on the screen and give them more hit points. Imagine if you were playing Zelda and you weren't allowed to get hit once, or touch any of the walls or blocks."