Quotes / Bishonen Line

Karn: Actually, leading powerfoligists theorize that as you become more powerful, you become more monstrous, and then sharply become humanoid again. They call it the Bishonen Line.
Karashi: 'Powerfoligists'?

"Hmph, yes. While you were fighting, I transformed into my final form. The Deceptively Powerful Bishonen Form."
Snowball (a parody of Frieza), Buttlord GT

Krillin: Uh...huh. Wait, am I missing something? That's the big change? I was thinking he was gonna come out all scary-looking. He's kinda scrawny now.
Piccolo: Idiot! You know full well that an opponent's power has nothing to do with their outward appearance. Freeza's previous forms were tame compared to this!

"To those of who had previously labelled me as a quote-unquote-monster - as you can see, the term no longer applies. I have achieved the perfect body! Go ahead, admire it. Admit it, you know you're jealous."
Cell to the audience, Dragon Ball Kai

"Sometimes when I see a monster become more human as it grows more powerful, I think it represents how the nature of evil grows more distinct as the accused fully understands what he is doing. What I mean is that man is the true monster, because he can understand why he is doing it."
Caleb West