Quotes / Benevolent Boss

David: Nygma is insanely obvious with the suicide note, too, even pointing out that itís DEFINITELY Dead Fredís handwriting. Bruce seems skeptical, since he decides to give Fredís family full benefits, even though Wayne insurance doesnít cover suicides.
Chris: Wayne Insurance only covers parents being murdered in an alley. Itís alarmingly specific.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman Forever

"Darling, I've never fired anyone in my life, and I don't intend to start now."
Richard Rich Sr., Richie Rich

"Considering the mental anguish incurred due to external influence, as your employer, I should provide entertainment as compensation. And, after careful consideration, I'd like to propose a trip to The Yellow Flag tonight to drink away our pain. This one's on me, of course."
Dutch, Black Lagoon, "Ring Ding Ship Chase"

"Unlike your current employer, I protect those who work for me. I don't abuse them to satisfy royal whims, or force them to abuse each other. [...] Littlefinger looks at you and sees a collection of profitable holes. I see a potential partner."
Lord Varys, Game of Thrones, "Valar Morghulis"

"Hear me out. You earn fifteen hundred francs a year, which is the stipend of a fine, brave army officer who risks his life every day. You enjoy meals that many a head clerk, a poor slave who is far busier than you, would envy. Though a servant, you yourself have servants who take care of your laundry and your belongings. Over and above your fifteen hundred francs in wages, you are taking a cut on the toiletries and similar purchases you make for me, and stealing nearly an additional fifteen hundred francs every year."
"I am not complaining, Monsieur Baptistin, it's a reasonable amount. However, I wish it to stop forthwith. Nowhere will you find a position comparable to the one that good fortune has gotten you here. I never beat my servants, I never swear, I never lose my temper, I always forgive a fault, but never negligence or forgetfulness. My orders are usually brief, but clear and precise: I prefer to repeat them twice or even three times, rather than for them to be carried out incorrectly. I am rich enough to know everything that I wish to know and- be warned- I am very curious. So if I were ever to learn that you had spoken either good or ill of me, that you had commented on my actions or watched over what I do, you would leave my house immediately. I never give my servants more than one warning. You have had yours. You may go!"
The Count of Monte Cristo (Robin Buss translation)

Ghouling, to a Nosferatu, should be performed with the same amount of forethought one would put into creating progeny, and Nosferatu ghoul only those whom they would consider for the Embrace. Accordingly, this tight-knit clan treats newly initiated ghouls as the "new childer" in the Nosferatu warren; the vampires train their ghouls to become bold, resolute, and above all, competent, nourishing them and teaching them the clan's history in the process. Very often, Nosferatu warrens resemble "communes": each ghoul works for the good of all Nosferatu, not just her domitor, and the Nosferatu treat all ghouls, animal or human, with equal amounts of esteem.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Ghouls: Fatal Attraction

Probably my biggest surprise in the five months I'd been working for Morden had been coming to realize that he wasn't actually a Bad Boss. He was ruthless with any challenges to his authority, but as long as I didn't do that, he was fairly easy-going. He didn't threaten or bully or give me pointless tasks just for the sake of it. Oddest of all, he actually seemed willing to listen. He'd rarely change his mind based on my input, but he did pay attention and if I didn't understand what he was doing, then he'd take the time to fill me in.

Mr Maulding is a good and kind man. I just want you to know that, sir. He's always been generous to me. My boys, my lovely boys, they're buried in the cemetery here, and I get to speak to them every day. There are always fresh flowers for them, no matter the season, and the weeds are kept at bay. Mr Maulding arranged that, sir. He spoke to the generals in London, and they brought my boys home for me, each of them in turn. I've never wanted for everything, Mr Wilcox neither. All Mr Maulding asks in return is for his meals to be prepared, his clothes to be cleaned and his bed to be made, and otherwise to be left in peace with his books. There is no harm to the man, and no harm should come to him.