Quotes / Battlefailed

"None of what we are truly matters until it is tested. We are brought to this place, sometimes kicking and screaming, and yet we never truly come alive until we are here."

"I have no idea where anything is. I have no idea what anything does. This is not merely a madhouse designed by a madman, but a madhouse designed by many madmen, each with an intense hatred for the previous madman's unique flavour of madness."

"Like a perfectly pleasant little tundra fortress still busy getting its stuff together, that somebody painted a lovely shade of murder."

"I leave the forums for a month and you guys demolish the fortress."

"I remember typing that everything was going well. The game somehow found out. So naturally the place is going to hell in a handbasket."

"I downloaded the save for a quick look, and it gave me one of those moments where I suddenly realize everything that's wrong with the world."

"There seems to be a burning ogre sitting happily in the middle of the magma sea. I'm not sure what to make of that."

"We have an obsidian penis in front of the fortress. No matter how The Master made it, it is still an obsidian penis. We're keeping it."

Eric Blank:"Master, how could you even concieve of using dfliquids in a succession game? You're horrible!"
The Master:"Silly humans! I didn't use dfhack, I PRAYED TO ARMOK AND HE MADE IT RAIN!!!"
On the creation of said obsidian penis, A.K.A. Armok's Phallus.

(Following an update by The Master) "I really don't see much. It looks kinda normal... ... OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE'"
Deviled, on the Master outbreak.

"Shit. History is repeating itself. AGAIN. I guess we just don't ever learn from the past.

Hey let's try building a cannon!"