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TAD is an archclown who fled the circus and is manipulating the dwarves to further his goals.
Okay, so only that first part is an Epileptic Tree, but it would explain, among others, how he was able to figure out how to depopulate the clown car.

Let's just hope his goals aren't too sinister...
  • Specifically, he's an agent of Tzeentch, come to try and take over one of Khorne's (Armok) daemon worlds.

TAD is a conman, and is responsible for all of the supernatural events. He induced mass hysteria to make everyone believe that evil forces are really at work, when in reality he's just doing who knows what.
He created the stories of Battlefailed and Failcannon (the fortresses never actually existed, hence the huge difference between pre- and post-Failday Aluonra). He has instilled fear into the hearts of the dwarves in Hellcannon in order to manipulate them easier. His final goal?

Hell, he hasn't even figured that out yet.
  • Someone made a comment to that effect in the thread proper of Hellcannon. Or rather, someone speculated that TAD planned out the events of the entire Battlefailed saga in order to con the dwarves out of their riches.

The Aussie Dwarf is a Body Surfing, universe hopping Doctor Doom. Or a dwarven version of him, if the Body Surfing and universe hopping seems too unlikely.

The Union and Failday are the same thing.
Early on in Failcannon, the gods use the Union to strip Lur Theifwitch of his godhood. It is achieved by all the other gods basically synchronizing their thoughts and powers as one. Perhaps Failday's release of all the souls of the dead at Failcannon achieved a similar state of power and that is how Ura was defeated. If that's the case, enough dwarven souls working together can topple a god(dess).

Ura wasn't working for the Foul One, but instead simply acting on her own ambitions.
The Foul One allowed her to do whatever because any damage Ura caused was beneficial to Its desire for destruction.

All the Night Creatures are results of the Foul One tainting the multiverse.
The more destruction that happens in the multiverse the closer the Foul One gets and the more It corrupts the worlds. Night Creatures and other negatives in the DF multiverse is a direct result of the Foul One gaining the upper hand.

TAD is responsible for everything in the Battlefailed Saga including Battlefailed itself!
Remember the Queen's daughter got caught with Robocorn, but Robocorn was sure that it was a dwarf. Robocorn was right! It was TAD! He disquised himself as the Queen's daughter disquised as a dwarf!