Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: Web Animation

  • Red vs. Blue has a lot of them:
    Tucker: "Where are you going?"
    Tex: "Red base. Kill everybody. Get the flag back."
    • Just before fighting O'Malley, Church rattles off a number of these lines such as: "You're just one big headache, and I've got a whole pistol full of aspirin!" and: "I've got half a mind to kill you! And the other half agrees!"
    • With Tex snarking in the background. Even though those are clever, they're very corny.
    • "My name is Michael J. Caboose. And I. HATE. BABIES!!!" — Just before massacring an army single-handed.
    • At the end of season 1, Donut, before killing Tex at super-long-range with a plasma grenade: "HEY, BITCH! REMEMBER ME? I SAVED SOMETHING FOR YA!"
    • "Okay, so who's first?" The next episode is a 7-minute episode of her absolutely demolishing Sarge, Grif, Simmons, and Tucker at the same time, without even breaking a sweat. Also they're all armed and she's not. It doesn't matter.
    • Still the best one goes to Washington "Peace talks have broken down, now we do it OUR way"
    • How has anyone forgotten "You just got Sarged!" Subverted when he doesn't get to finish it once.
  • "I have to kill fast, and bullets too slow!"
  • Ultra Fast Pony. After enduring some Too Much Information-inducing commentary from Discord for two episodes, Twilight fires back with, "Hey, Discord! Suck it!" just before unleashing the magic friendship laser.
  • "Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be delicious!
    • And Penny in the S1 Finale: "Don't worry Ruby. I'm combat ready!"