Parental Abandonment / Music

  • "Mother" by John Lennon, where he addresses the pain, sadness, and anger caused by losing both his parents. (His father left him as an infant, and his mother was killed by a drunk driver when he was 17.) He wrote two other songs about his mother: "Julia" and "My Mummy's Dead".
  • "Kinky Afro" by Happy Mondays.
  • Tyler, the Creator from OFWGKTA made a whole album called Bastard about being a literal bastard because his father abandoned him.
  • The Kellie Pickler song "I Wonder" is Pickler addressing her birth mother, who abandoned her.
  • Good Charlotte's "Emotionless" is an open letter to Joel and Benjy's father. The trope's referenced in a few of their other songs as well, including "The Young & The Hopeless" and "1979".
  • "Biological Didn't Bother", by NBA star and part-time rapper Shaquille O'Neal, is a diss track aimed at the biological father who abandoned him. The track ends with the words "Phil is my father", referring to his stepfather Phillip Harrison.
  • "11" by Cassadee Pope is about her father leaving her family when she was 11.
  • "Little Susie" by Michael Jackson is about a little girl who through death and abandonment lives all alone in her apartment with just a music box to keep her company — and who eventually ends up dead.