Oh Crap: Orphan Black

Given that the plot of this show is a bunch of clones trying to solve a mystery, they often find themselves in very unexpected situations. Reading this page comes with a high risk of spoilers.

Season 1

  • Natural Selection
    • Sarah is shocked that Beth looks exactly like her, and even more so when Beth jumps in front of a train.
    • When Sarah realizes that Beth was a cop, she panics and swallows a bunch of soap in hopes of getting sick enough to go home.
    • Sarah has this reaction when a shower of bullets start hitting the car out of nowhere and Katja is killed. It carries over into the start of the next episode.
  • Instinct
    • The woman that calls Sarah, later revealed to be Cosima, has this reaction when Sarah tells her that Katja is dead.
    • Alison freaking out when she sees Sarah at the soccer match combines this with Berserk Button. She doesn't want her friends and family to know she's a "freak".
  • Variations Under Nature
    • When Sarah realizes that the police found Katja's body, she realized that her con is not as foolproof as she thought.
  • Conditions of Existence
    • When Sarah finds strange piece of metal in her mouth and realizes that Paul was Beth's monitor.
    • A minor one from Alison and Cosima when they found out that Sarah slept with Paul. However, they brush it off quickly.
  • Entangled Bank
    • When Delphine finds Cosima's clone related work.
    • Sarah gets a massive one when she realizes that Helena has her daughter. Doubled when Kira gets hit by a car.
  • Unconscious Selection
    • It's subtler than the other examples, but you can see Delphine fracture a little when Cosima reveals that she knows about her involvement with the neolutionists.
  • Endless Forms Most Beautiful
    • "They patented us."
    • Sarah finding a huge blood stain in Beth's house.
    • When Sarah goes Mrs. S's house to find the whole place trashed and empty, she realizes that someone kidnapped Kira.

Season 2

  • Nature Under Constraint and Vexed
    • Alison, when she sees Art and Angie taking Sarah into custody. She was carrying an unregistered gun to give Sarah.
    • Rachel looked genuinely terrified when Sarah shot the window behind her to prove she meant business.
  • Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion
    • Mrs. S. learns that two of her confidants had turned traitor when the one of them pulls a gun on her.
  • Mingling Its Own Nature With It
    • Felix has this reaction when the owner of the house he, Sarah, and Kira broke into, Cal, returns home.
    • Sarah and Cal when they hear Kira screaming for help.
  • Governed As It Were By Chance
    • Sarah really panics when Daniel tries to kill her with a razor. It's turned Up to Eleven when Helena, who Sarah though she had killed, kills Daniel and walks up to her in a gore stained wedding dress and holding a knife. It was like something out of a horror movie.
  • Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
    • Sarah and Felix's reactions to Rachel's various attacks, especially when Felix is framed for murder.
  • Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things
    • When Alison overhears Vic talking with Angela on the phone.
    • When Cal realizes that someone is spying on him through his webcam.
    • Sarah gets a HUGE one when - while impersonating Alison at the rehab center's Family Day - she is called upon to do a skit with Donnie.
      Sarah: [under her breath] Ohhhhhh...shit. [turns on huge, fake smile]
  • Variable and Full of Perturbation
    • Scott has a subtle but clear one when he learns that Cosima is the clone subject he's been working on.
    • Alison understandably freaks out when she learns that Donnie used her gun to kill Leekie and put it back in her locker.
  • Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done
    • Henrik wakes up tied to the examination table - and realizes that Helena is about to "impregnate" HIM.
    • Sarah and Delphine when they realize that Rachel had kidnapped Kira; especially for Delphine because she unwittingly played a role in it.
  • By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried
    • Sarah when she's dragged out of bed and Strapped to an Operating Table. Instead of harvesting her eggs, the Dyad plans to remove one of her ovaries.

Season 3

  • The Weight of This Combination
    • Delphine and Sarah (disgusted as Rachel) have this when Ferdinand states he wants to interview Sarah Manning.
    • When Ferdinand tells Sarah about his killing of clones and his plan to have Alison and her family assassinated.
  • Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis
    • After Paul gives Cal a warning, he immediately tries to call Sarah but she doesn't pick up.
  • Newer Elements of Our Defense
    • Sarah's reaction when Bonnie sends some more Proletheans into the cornfield to go after Mark.
    • Again when she turns around to find Rudy pointing a gun at her.
    • Gracie when she starts bleeding between her legs and realizes that she's having a miscarriage. Also Bonnie's reaction when Gracie falls over in pain.
  • Scarred by Many Past Frustrations
    • Sarah waking up in the Castor base.
    • When Gracie collapses during the dance party, Felix assumes its because she had too much to drink. Then Mrs. S realizes that she's in real pain and has him call 911.
    • Sarah has a meltdown when Helena abandons her.
  • Certain Agony of the Battlefield
    • Rudy and Coady high-tail it when Paul reveals he has a grenade.
  • Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate
    • Blood coming out of Cosima's uterus while she's in the bath.
    • Mrs. S. refuses to fight a pregnant Helena, despite the latter slugging her several times. Finally, S's reflexes get the better of her and she staggers Helena with a single jab — then freaks out, grabs and hugs Helena, and begs her forgiveness for selling her out to Project Castor.
  • Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow
    • When Helena emerges from Pouchy's garage covered in blood and carrying his machete Donnie doesn't know exactly what happened but he knows they shouldn't stick around.
  • History Yet to be Written
    • Coady when she realized that Sarah set her up and she gets captured by Ferdinand.