Oh Crap: Orphan Black

Given that the plot of this show is a bunch of clones trying to solve a mystery, they often find themselves in very unexpected situations.

Season 1

  1. Natural Selection
    • Sarah is shocked that Beth looks exactly like her, and even more so when Beth jumps in front of a train.
    • When Sarah realizes that Beth was a cop, she panics and swallows a bunch of soap in hopes of getting sick enough to go home.
    • Sarah has this reaction when a shower of bullets start hitting the car out of nowhere and Katja is killed. It carries over into the start of the next episode.
  2. Instinct
    • The woman that calls Sarah, later revealed to be Cosima, has this reaction when Sarah tells her that Katja is dead.
    • Alison freaking out when she sees Sarah at the soccer match combines this with Berserk Button. She doesn't want her friends and family to know she's a "freak".
  3. Variations Under Nature
    • When Sarah realizes that the police found Katja's body, she realized that her con is not as foolproof as she thought.
  4. Effects of External Conditions
  5. Conditions of Existence
    • When Sarah finds strange piece of metal in her mouth and realizes that Paul was Beth's monitor.
    • A minor one from Alison and Cosima when they found out that Sarah slept with Paul. However, they brush it off quickly.
  6. Variations Under Domestication
  7. Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner
  8. Entangled Bank
    • When Delphine finds Cosima's clone related work.
    • Sarah gets a massive one when she realizes that Helena has her daughter. Doubled when Kira gets hit by a car.
  9. Unconscious Selection
    • It's subtler than the other examples, but you can see Delphine fracture a little when Cosima reveals that she knows about her involvement with the neolutionists.
  10. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
    • "They patented us."
    • Sarah finding a huge blood stain in Beth's house.
    • When Sarah comes home to find the whole place trashed and empty, she realizes that Mrs. S. kidnapped Kira.

Season 2

  1. Nature Under Constraint and Vexed
    • Alison, when she sees Art and Angie taking Sarah into custody. She was carrying an unregistered gun to give Sarah.
    • Rachel looked genuinely terrified when Sarah shot the window behind her to prove she meant business.
  2. Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion
    • Mrs. S. learns that two of her confidants had turned traitor when the one of them pulls a gun on her.
  3. Mingling Its Own Nature With It
    • Felix has this reaction when the owner of the house he, Sarah, and Kira broke into, Cal, returns home.
    • Sarah and Cal when they hear Kira screaming for help.
  4. Governed As It Were By Chance
    • Sarah really panics when Daniel tries to kill her with a razor. It's turned Up to Eleven when Helena, who Sarah though she had killed, kills Daniel and walks up to her in a gore stained wedding dress and holding a knife. It was like something out of a horror movie.
  5. Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
    • Sarah and Felix's reactions to Rachel's various attacks, especially when Felix is framed for murder.
  6. To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings
  7. Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things
    • When Alison overhears Vic talking with Angela on the phone.
    • When Cal realizes that someone is spying on him through his webcam.
    • Sarah gets a HUGE one when - while impersonating Alison at the rehab center's Family Day - she is called upon to do a skit with Donnie.
      Sarah: [under her breath] Ohhhhhh...shit. [turns on huge, fake smile]
  8. Variable and Full of Perturbation
    • Scott has a subtle but clear one when he learns that Cosima is the clone subject he's been working on.
    • Alison understandably freaks out when she learns that Donnie used her gun to kill Leekie and put it back in her locker.
  9. Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done
    • Henrik wakes up tied to the examination table - and realizes that Helena is about to "impregnate" HIM.
    • Sarah and Delphine when they realize that Rachel had kidnapped Kira; especially for Delphine because she unwittingly played a role in it.
  10. By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried
    • Sarah when she's dragged out of bed and Strapped to an Operating Table. Instead of harvesting her eggs, the Dyad plans to remove one of her ovaries.

Season 3

  1. The Weight of This Combination
    • Delphine and Sarah (disgusted as Rachel) have this when Ferdinand states he wants to interview Sarah Manning.
    • When Ferdinand tells Sarah about his killing of clones and his plan to have Alison and her family assassinated.
  2. Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis
  3. Formalized, Complex, and Costly
  4. Newer Elements of Our Defense
  5. Scarred by Many Past Frustrations
  6. Certain Agony of the Battlefield