Funny: Orphan Black

Season 1

  • "Sorry. I wanted to float that whole clone thing a lot softer."
  • Sarah pretending to be Katja.
    • Her explanation for why her room was trashed? "Rock und roll". Complete with horns gesture.
    • The change in attitude of the hotel staff after she's paid for the damage.
  • Felix's face when Sarah and Paul nearly have sex in front of him (unknowingly to Paul) is hilarious.
  • Felix's adventures in babysitting is probably the best thing ever.
    Felix: Does your dad have a drinks trolley?
    Gemma Hendrix: What's that?
    Felix: Don't worry, I'll find it...
    • Then:
    Felix: Do you want to dress up as a girl?
    Oscar Hendrix: No.
    Felix: Well, I'm out of ideas.
    Gemma Hendrix: I'll dress up as a boy!
    Felix: ...We can work with that!
    • And when Alison and Sarah come back:
    Gemma and Oscar: We're crossdressers!
    Felix: My work here is done. Adios, dragsters!
  • For all that Felix insists suburbia makes him feel twitchy and judged, he seems to be very popular in Alison's social circle.
  • After impersonating Alison and interrogating Donnie, Sarah tells a sad, drunk Alison that Donnie can't be her monitor. Alison responds with this:
    Alison: So he's just Donnie? Eating, farting, Donnie?
  • Felix helping Alison get into character for impersonating Sarah.
    Felix: *starts cutting up one of Alison's shirts*
    Alison: *alarmed* Hey - hey!
    Felix: It's not 'hey'! You're a punk now.
    Alison: *looks puzzled for a second* Oi!
  • After Sarah has shown the killer's knife to Cosima:
    Cosima: Hey, you didn't show this to Alison, by any chance, did you?
    Sarah: Are you joking? She'd crap her Lululemons.
  • When Alison is drafted to stand in for Sarah, her first attempts at an English accent are...let's say somewhat lacking:
    Alison: [bad Cockney accent] "The ryne in Spyne styes mynely on the plyne."
    Felix: [appalled] Okay...Eliza. Holy shit, we need to pull a full-reverse Pygmalion here.
  • When Kira tests Alison pretending to be Sarah:
    Kira: If you're my mother, then what do you call me?
    Alison: (confidently) Monkey.
    Kira: What else?
    Alison: (less so) Monkey...bum...face?
  • Alison trying to move her unconscious husband down the stairs. Let's just say it's a painful trip.
    • For that matter, her making a drunken pass at Paul.
    • Alison left her husband bound and gagged in the laundry room; at the party later on, when someone asks her where her husband is, she replies that he is "tied up".
    • Alison slapping her husband while screaming "BIG! BOOB! BLOWIES!".
      • THE BEST is that she's using arts and crafts to torture him. A hot glue gun, a row of color-coded scissors, and when she drops glue she shies away from his yelling—all scared and surprised:
    Donnie: Or're gonna glue sequins on me?
  • Cosima's double-take when she first sees Delphine is not at all subtle.
    • Sarah's argument for why Cosima should avoid pursuing a friendship with the gorgeous, sexy, smart French exchange student is not terribly effective, given what happened with Paul.
    Sarah: I got involved with my monitor, and look where that got me.
    Cosima: Yeah, into bed with him!
    • The end of their conversation, in which Sarah and Cosima each hang up, mutter "bitch" to themselves, and toss their phones aside in exactly the same way.
    • Not to mention Cosima's reaction when she finds out that Sarah impersonated Beth and slept with Paul.
    Cosima (while stoned): [beat] That's complex.
  • Felix in the club from his reaction to the freaky Leekies to "Oh there's an ism" when he's first told about Neolution.
  • For all her danger and psychosis, Helena turns episode 1.07 into her personal Crowning Moment of Funny:
  • Alison's sex scene with Aynsley's husband Chad is hilariously awkward. While they're getting it on in the back of his car, a woman and her children walk past, notice what's going on, and scurry away scandalized.
  • Alison singing Meredith Brooks' "Bitch" at the top of her lungs - really, all of her rebel phase is pretty hilarious.
  • Alison showing up at Felix's door drunk.
    Alison (meekly): Bad things have happened to me...
  • Sarah comforting Alison after her breakdown and her attack on Aynesley.
    Sarah: Did you kick her ass?
    Alison: ::sniffles:: Yeah, yeah I guess I did.
  • Sarah prodding Felix with her foot while he's trying to read is hilariously Adorkable.
  • Alison cleaning Felix's place and his reaction to it.
  • When confronted with an intervention, Alison goes to swallow some pills. Felix grabs her hand and asks for some too.
    Felix: Sharesies?
    • Even better is her introducing him to the intervention group.
    Alison: This is Felix.
    Felix: Gay friend.
    Alison: Acting coach.
    Pastor: Oh, that's alright here.
    Felix: Which one?
  • The expression on Felix's face when Alison says she'll only talk to him when she's holed up in the bathroom is priceless.
  • From the first season finale: UP YOURS, PROCLONE
  • Felix's confrontation with Delphine when she first shows up. He gives her an extremely judgmental once-over (blonde, curly-haired, gorgeous French scientist wearing a white tank-top) and sums it all up with a wonderfully catty:
    "Well. Now I get it."
    • He then turns around and shouts at Cosima, on the other side of the apartment:
      "IT'S DELPHINE! ...She's got baggage!"

Season 2

  • The rehearsal for the musical Alison's in.
  • Alison sending Felix a gun hidden in a bouquet of flowers.
    Felix: Well, those are so Alison.
  • Sarah sends a body double to fool the Neolutionists, who gives them this message: She says "Up yours".
  • Sarah dresses as Cosima to bypass the Neolutionists, only to be greeted and kissed by Delphine. Her face is just priceless.
  • Funny Background Event: When a bleeding Helena staggers into the hospital, she passes a sign pointing the way to "Genetics."
  • Donnie's hilariously bad spying on Alison; Leekie's visible frustration at his incompetence is hysterical.
  • Felix accidentally stepping in a cow pie and complaining about wanting to get back to civilization.
  • Cosima and Delphine sneaking into Leekie's lab like a couple of naughty schoolgirls? Adorable. Cosima imitating Leekie? GOLD.
    "I'm gonna put an electric eel in one of these tubes. He'll be like, 'Great Scott, I've created life itself!'"'
  • Although unbeknownst to the others, Delphine and Cosima are holed up in the lab attempting to find a cure for Cosima's illness, Felix attributes Cosima's lack of communication to her and Delphine being caught up in a "transgressive lesbian geek-spiral".
  • Helena in Fee's loft, snarling at him like a cat.
    • Fee sending her off to the shower: "Just don't kill my rubber duckie."
    • When Fee brings Helena to Art's apartment for safekeeping:
    Felix: Look, Helena, he wants to help you and Sarah.
    Helena: He lies down with pigs. [makes oinking sounds]
    Felix: Aaaaand that's my cue to leave...
  • After a Pet the Dog moment to help Cosima, Cosima by way of Sarah invites Dr. Leekie to have a beer. Gilligan Cut to Leekie morosely sipping a glass of wine, obviously unenamored with the chosen location.
  • Helena, sitting alone in a bar, shuts down an obnoxious redneck by viciously twisting his finger.
    Redneck: [screams in pain] YOU BROKE MY FINGER!
    Helena: Don't be baby, I only sprain. Next one I break.
  • Everything about Helena clumsily singing a rather off-key rendition of "Sugar Sugar" in the car with Sarah. It has to be seen to be believed. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Helena in a tent with Sarah, plus a full can of baked beans, equals a massive fart worthy of Blazing Saddles. Followed by her trademark "Excuse me." Even Sarah is more amused than grossed out.
  • Felix drugs Vic's tea, causing him to fall face first into a table covered in glittery arts and crafts supplies. Felix, Sarah, and Alison spend the rest of the episode trying to hide his unconscious body.
  • Sarah (pretending to be Alison) doing a role playing exercise with Donnie for Family Day at the rehab center. Things get confusing very quickly.
  • The sheer Black Comedy of Donnie slamming his gun on the steering wheel in emphasis and accidentally shooting Leekie in the head. Especially with the Soundtrack Dissonance.
  • Vic struggling not to react and maintain his composure after Alison admits that she murdered Aynsley. Alison handmaking a pair of gloves for him with one finger missing doesn't help.
  • Donnie apologizes to Alison for spying on her, lying to her, and hating her mother. Alison responds by saying that everyone hates her mother, as if it's the most obvious fact in the world.
    • Extra funny from Alison: Donnie just freaking killed a guy, and Alison's more worried about the mess in the trunk. Sure, it's probably an evidence thing too, but Alison's just so casual and prissy about it.
  • In the next episode, Donnie confronts Angela and Vic spying on him and Alison. After he threatens them, he takes a picture of the two as proof, and Vic can't help but flash a peace sign as the photo is taken.
  • Alison and Donnie's domestic bickering while disposing of Leekie's corpse makes for some really great Black Comedy, especially when Donnie complains about how gross it is and comments that Alison is better at handling manslaughter than he is. Then there's Alison wrapping the body in a girly plastic tablecloth and bright pink tape.
  • The Clone Club Dance Party in the second season finale. Also counts as a sweet moment as well because of the sisters and Felix dancing together.
  • Art gets Helena back in his apartment, and he and Felix question her about the ranch she burned down in the previous episode. Felix and Helena's exchange comes off like a disappointed parent lecturing their kid.
    Felix: Helena. Did you burn down the fish people's ranch?
    Helena (grinning): Noooo...