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Headscratchers: Orphan Black
  • Do the Neolutionists really own the clones and Kira?
    • No, that's not the way that genomic patents work. First and foremost, human beings are not property, no matter how they're made. The guy who holds the patent on in-vitro fertilization doesn't own the children who were conceived that way. An AgriCorp may own the genomic patents on the seeds they produce but the farmer still owns the wheat they grow. Genomic patents apply to an intellectual property that's used to develop technologies, not the end-product of using those technologies. Of course, since the Neolutionists aren't really concerned with moral or ethical niceties they're probably not planning on taking things into a court of law.
      • Or the patent was put in place in preparation for a time when they gain enough influence to change the laws, allowing them to conduct their experiments legally and legally own the clones. Some of the Neolutionists are seen discussing this very prospect in one scene, celebrating a favorable court decision relating to such matters.
      • The sentence encoded in he clones' DNA is not a patent, despite what Cosima says. It's a statement of property. In any case, not enforceable legally, since cloning is illegal. There's also the question of whether a clone can be property, which could be disputed if cloning becomes legal.
  • If Maggie Chen was 41 and the clones are about 29 (according to their passports), how is it possible that Maggie helped make them, like Helena said? Maggie would have been something like 12 when they were born, and even younger when the science was happening.
    • Its possible that Helena was lied to or doesn't really know what's going on.
    • According to Leekie, Maggie wasn't involved in making the clones. She was a spy who showed up later in the game, while the neolutionists were watching the girls grow up.
  • Why didn't Beth find Sarah when she searched the Europeans' photos for matches on the police database? Especially considering that Sarah has a criminal record.
    • Sarah was moved to Canada when she was still a minor. Her criminal record is Canadian.
    • A better question is why didn't Beth search the Canadian database?
      • It's not clear how far along she was in the process. Beth had found several clones, but she still had Allison's money untouched in her account and was clearly losing her grip.
      • Beth might have been afraid to alert her coworkers or even the secret conspiracy. It is also completely possible that she did found other clones but went through a combination of: Didn't had the opportunity to contact them; decided that contacting wasn't safe or useful; Didn't kept records of them anywhere; Kept their information/records in a different place, which would be safer to everyone involved.
  • The whole concept of the fingerprints connecting the clones makes this the least credible plot element. Not only, as noted on the main page, would Beth's prints have been taken when she became a police officer, Alison's would likely have been taken in order for her and Donnie to adopt their children. Given all the things that people must get fingerprinted for, the existence of the clones would have come to light long before the present.
  • Wuerzberg is in West Germany. Why did Katja have a DDR birth certificate, then?
  • The fact that Alison and Donnie were High School Sweethearts makes the idea that he is her monitor a little hard to reconcile. It seems weird that the Neolutionists would have placed a teenager in the critically sensitive position of a monitor. It is also equally unlikely that he became her monitor at some point after marriage. The monitor would have to be somebody who was able to watch the subject on a day-to-day basis, and there could have been no guarantee that Alison and Donnie would have continued to remain so close, let alone gotten married. Were the Neolutionists just that Crazy-Prepared?
    • Presumably Dyad subverted and recruited Donnie sometime after their relationship became serious, if not after their wedding. It would also make sense that monitors only get emplaced after the clones reach adulthood, because children tend to get more medical monitoring than adults do.
    • It seems likely that Dyad has some damning information hanging over Donnie's head like they do with Paul, but the writers haven't found it prudent to go into detail (yet).
    • It's revealed that Donnie was recruited for what he thought was a sociology experiment in college, probably sophomore year going by the course number. He didn't know about the full ramifications, and breaks down when Alison tells him what's really going on.
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