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Nightmare Fuel: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
Who will survive and what will be left of them?

...where do we even begin with this movie?...

  • The hitchhiker. You can just see there's something seriously not right about him as soon as his first appearance, and of course, he provides much foreshadowing for the insanity the audience is about to witness ahead.
  • How about just Leatherface himself? (pictured ever so graciously to the right) A crazed chainsaw-wielding maniac that holds absolutely no empathy for anyone and often lets his victims die slowly and painfully. Very painfully.
  • Leatherface suddenly appearing in front of Kirk and then striking him in the head with a mallet. What makes this even worse is that after being struck he shakes rapidly on the floor, only to be finally silenced when struck again.
    • The pig squealing-like noises Leatherface makes in this scene is also insanely disturbing.
    • It's worth noting that this scene was ranked as the 5th scariest movie moment of all time in Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments.
  • Pam discovering a living room full of furniture made of human bones.
  • Leatherface chasing, capturing Pam and then impaling her through the back on a meat hook, allowing her to struggle on it in pure agony.
    • There's also the later scene when Jerry finds her in a freezer, still alive, as she attempts to spring out, only for Leatherface to kill Jerry and shove her right back in.
  • Franklin's death. Leatherface goes all out with the chainsaw here as he slices right through him.
    • Then there's the fact that he's always wearing different masks made out of the severed faces of his victims.
  • The gas station proprietor. Just imagine after desperately searching for someone to help you, the person you think you can trust turns out to actually be in cahoots with the people you're escaping from. Paranoia Fuel, anyone?
  • The Grandfather. Up until this point we thought, like the grandmother, that the grandfather was dead and his corpse was merely put on display. Then we see him sucking the blood from Sally's finger.
  • The dinner sequence. All of it. Sally seeing her friends now being served as food and her subsequent reaction to this.
    • Just as bad is the true story of the filming of this scene. The food quickly spoiled under the hot lights, and eventually the smell started getting to everyone to the point that they would start to think they actually were their characters. Edwin Neal described it as the worst experience of his life, (and this was after his tour in Vietnam).
  • The finale with Sally fleeing from Leatherface and Hitchhiker. Specifically horrifying about this sequence is when the Hitchhiker is run over by a truck (which we see completely on-screen) and Sally falling into hysterics upon escaping, giving a pretty strong implication that she will never be mentally well again after all this. The ultimate bittersweet ending.

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