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Headscratchers: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
  • Why, when Franklin was cut with a razor by the Hitchhiker, did the crew not make it their top priority to get him to a hospital/clinic? Or at least sterilize the wound with some soap or something. Instead, they just make a makeshift bandage for him. I know if a crazy guy who works with meat with a (probably) dirty blade I would definitely want to see a doctor post haste.
    • They were in a seemingly supply-less van in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere. Crappy makeshift bandages were probably all they had, and they probably stupidly thought it would be enough.
    • Also, in the following scene, they pull up to a gas station only to find no fuel. Chances are even if they wanted to get Franklin to a hospital, they wouldn't've gotten far.
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