Nightmare Fuel / The School for Good and Evil

  • Every four years, for several hundred years, two children are kidnapped from Gavaldon and are never seen or heard from by their families again, save for mysterious appearances in fairy tale books.
    • Even worse if you're one of the children. No matter which school you end up in, if you get poor marks, you could die, or end up transformed into a slave for the antithesis of your alignment.
  • Sophie was kidnapped from her home, dumped in the School for Evil, had a full fledged monster cut her hair off with an axe, was transformed into a hideous hag, and nearly lost her sense of who she was, all so that the Head Master could transform her into his willing Evil Bride. Did I mention that Sophie is still in her early teens? And that the Head Master is well over two-hundred years old, and comes to show every bit of it?
  • Lets just face it, the School for Evil is a pretty damn terrifying place to be. All the students are hideous, you're encouraged to do cruel, nasty things, there are prisons with better food, and don't expect any emotional support from the staff.
  • What the Gavaldon Elders did when they said they were going to move Sophie for her protection. They cut up her hands and wrote a message to those attacking the town that they could have her on her dress in her own blood, and left her to die.
  • Tedros' entire situation in A World Without Princes. He's trapped in the former torture chamber, which has become mostly just his torture chamber, Denied Food as Punishment, and when Sophie sees him there isn't a mark on him, but he looks broken.