Heartwarming / The School for Good and Evil

  • Sophie sacrifices herself to save Agatha, then tells her she loves her, thwarting the Headmaster.
  • Agatha is constantly fighting with the other Evers at her school in Sophie's defense.
  • Despite everything that happens, and all the anger that passes between them, Agatha never gives up on Sophie as a friend.
  • After having a nasty fight with Sophie because of the Trial by Tale debacle, Agatha is left feeling completely alone. Professor Dovey asks Agatha what would make her happy, and she answers, "To be beautiful." So, the Fairy Godmother drags the girl to the Groom Room for an extreme makeover, and Agatha, convinced that her wish has been fulfilled, feels like a new person. The girl gleefully skips around the School for Good, leaving a trail of turned heads and dropped jaws behind her. Then eventually, Agatha catches her reflection in a mirror, and sees that she looks exactly the same. She was always beautiful. All she needed was some confidence and a smile.
  • The ending to The Last Ever After: The schoolmaster is finally dead, the Schools has been restored to order, along with the balance between Good and Evil. Sophie is now the new Dean of Evil. Agatha departs to Camelot with Tedros, but she and Sophie agree to visit one another a lot since they're a day's journey away from one another. Tedros also lifts the death warrant on his mother and Lancelot, allowing them to return to the kingdom in order to live happily together.
    • After all the lying, cheating, beauty rituals, and chasing after cute boys, Sophie has finally managed to truly love someone: herself, flaws and all.