Funny: The School For Good And Evil

  • The whole goblin debacle, in which Sophie and Agatha are turned into identical ugly goblins and Tedros has to pick which one is Good. He picks Agatha, and Sophie goes ballistic. The highlights of the fight include Agatha kicking Tedros in the groin and Tedros getting thrown into a pile of manure.
    • Later, when Tedros confronts Agatha about how she got him to pick her, she makes up a curse that turns people as dumb as a donkey's arse.
  • Sophie, realizing that her classmates really have it in for her, runs to Lady Lesso.
    Sophie: My roommates are trying to kill me!
    Lady Lesso: That's the spirit!
  • Poor Dot had been made to take up residence in a toilet after being kicked out of her room by her former friends. She later tells one of them that she can't eat chocolate anymore because it reminds her of...
  • Agatha denying she's a princess, and Tedros counting down when she faints at the sight of blood. "Definetly a princess."

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