Tearjerker: The School For Good And Evil

  • Despite everything that had been said and done, despite all that had passed between them, when it looked like an army of enraged Evers was coming to kill Sophie, Agatha, embracing her, says, "I won't let them hurt you."
    • Made even more tragic when Sophie replies, "I wish I could say the same."
  • All of the wolves and fairies were failed Evers and Nevers respectively. And a lot of the kids taken from Gavaldon for the School of Evil weren't necessarily evil, but just rowdy kids, and they wound up having to become the villains of the fairytales we were raised on.
  • The death of Tedros' friend, Tristan. Bullied relentlessly for being In Touch with His Feminine Side at the School for Evil, he took a defective Gender Bender potion so he could attend the School for Girls as Yara, where everything was so pretty and everyone was so nice to him. Then Tristan's disguise betrays him when the School for Evil's worst Blood Knight Aric murders "Yara," and she dies in Tedros' arms while turning back into Tristan.
  • EVERYTHING about the ending of A World without Princes. Agatha and Tedros have confessed their love for each other, but Sophie, in her desperation for True Love, willing accepts to be with the resurrected Evil Schoolmaster, thereby breaking the curse that kept Good and Evil in balance. Now both schools are dark, scary and EVIL, the armies of boys and girls are ready to slaughter each other, and Sophie and Agatha, once true friends, are separated. All because of a misunderstanding and a lack of trust.
    • Made worse by the fact that Sophie, of all people, asked the correct question a few pages back: Why canít the princess (Agatha) have the love of her prince and her best friend at the same time?
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