Nightmare Fuel / Pendulum

Pendulum's songs, for the most part, aren't so much scary, as they are too fastpaced and energetic for night listening. However, they have a few songs which make for good examples.

  • "Through the Loop". As if the fact that the music is unsettling isn't enough, it samples the psychedelic boat ride from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • "Tarantula" may sound So Cool, It's Awesome at first, but if you closely observe the lyrics, you realize the song musically resembles a bad heroin trip. Not to mention the song begins with a funky reggae part, then breaks down into fast paced DnB.
  • "Still Grey". it's so calm yet so... nerve wracking, because of the song picking up at a fast pace and building up to something a couple of times, but never really picking up, never giving a huge "drop", especially at the end, when it just... fades.
    • There's very few lyrics in the song additionally except for "Still grey... dream away... light up...". Very ambiguous what it means, but sounds like someone is stuck in a drug trip he can't get out of.
  • The video for "Propane Nightmares". Features a Cult with a Sinister Minister in the middle of the woods, has some sort of drink laced with who-knows-what, ends with a boy and girl escaping the cult, looking back, and seeing the shack erupt with smoky-black spirits.
  • "Comprachicos." As if the fact that the song sounds creepy and that Rob sounds like he's begging to live as he sings isn't bad enough, the song is about a kid repeatedly being abused by his parents, to the point where they drown him.
  • Similar to "Tarantula," "Witchcraft" is awesome musically, but the lyrics are about a guy finding his girlfriend dead from an apparent murder.
    • The remix of "Witchcraft" by Belgian producer Netsky turns it into a calm and relaxed track, making for some blatant Lyrical Dissonance that is nigh unsettling.
  • "Crush". An awesome song... but the video for it is about a guy who murdered his girlfriend and has gone insane from the guilt, which may change your perception of the actual song itself.
  • The Other Side, though awesome and fast-paced, is pretty creepy. The lyrics are about Demonic Possession and mind control, and the vocals in the song switch between a heavily-vocoded Voice of the Legion and two incredibly flat and creepy sounding voices saying that they control you and they're never letting go.
    • Not to mention the vocals in the bridge, sounding incredibly distraught : "they're in my head, they're in my soul".
  • Then there's "Genesis", the first song on Immersion. It begins with instrumentals sounding nearly melancholy, almost magical. Then it goes to a sudden blast of instruments, setting up an amazing intro. After that, there is Mood Whiplash, and it descends into a Scare Chord, which gradually turns more eerie along with little beeps and boops up to the end.
  • "Voyager". It begins with discordant (yet catchy) squeals, but then you get some unfamiliar whirring and very fast drums. The middle of the song has even more high-pitched squeals and whirs and a feeling of nothingness. It doesn't help that The War of The Worlds was sampled, especially since it was an album Gareth had a fear of since he was young.