Nightmare Fuel / Iron Man


The comics:

  • A lot of Tony's actions in Superior Iron Man are just plain terrifying. For starters, there's infecting San Francisco with a technological virus, his speech to Daredevil about how he's been "a god playing human", and using his endo-sym armor to keep Daredevil pinned down so he can wipe his memories!
  • Mallen's death, After Iron Man trashes him, he desperately tries to chocke him, forcing Stark in blowing a hole in his chest in self defense... then it still keeps going, Iron Man reacts blowing his head off with the Repulsors and then... THE HEADLESS BODY TRIES TO STAND UP AND KEEP FIGHTING, it takes a couple of angered kicks (as Stark is furious for having to break his Thou Shalt Not Kill politic) for Mallen to finally stay down.