Nightmare Fuel / I Am Legend

  • Neville going into a darkened building, a likely place to find lots of Infected, to search for his dog. He's so obviously terrified you can't help but be frightened with him.
  • The zombies look very frightening.
  • One can't help but feel unnerved when Neville finds an immobile mannequin standing in the middle of the street, far from where it was supposed to have been resting.
  • The news reporter describing the ongoing mutations being caused in those treated with the Krippen virus, showing how something that should have been a source of hope has gone so badly wrong.
    Reporter: So far, almost 5000 patients treated with the retrofitted virus have begun exhibiting symptoms resembling the early onset of rabies. Twenty five patients have already died.
  • The evacuation scene, and seeing the panic as hundreds of people are trying to flee New York.
    • A moment that really stands out during this segment is Neville, while waiting with his family to get through the military checkpoint out of Manhattan seeing a woman insisting she is uninfected and pleading with anyone taking to take her child with them out of New York. As Robert watches, he sees the woman start bleeding from her eyes and nose and his saddened expression as he knows that there is nothing he can do to help her is heartrending.