Literature / Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George

A book by Margaret Hodges, a partial retelling of the epic poem The Faerie Queene written by Edmund Spenser.

This book contains examples of:

  • The Champion: Una set out alone from the safety of the castle walls to look for a champion who would face the terrible dragon.
  • Damsel Errant: Princess Una traveled a long, long way before she found the Red Cross Knight.
  • The Hero's Journey:
  • No Name Given: Subverted. The Red Cross Knight at first doesn't know his birth name or where he had been born, until a good old hermit informs him that he was born to be Saint George of Merry England.
  • Lady and Knight: When gentle Una saw him lying motionless, she trembled with fear and prayed for his safety.
  • Loved I Not Honor More: The brave knight tells the king that he can't stay because he has sworn to give knight's service to the Fairy Queen for six years.
  • Knight Errant: The story begins with the Red Cross Knight riding across a plain, bound on a great adventure, sent by the Queen of the Fairies to fight the dragon.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: The knight bade his lady stand apart, out of danger, to watch the fight, while the beast drew near, half flying, half running.
  • Standard Hero Reward: The king tells the brave knight that he has promised that the dragonslayer should have Una for his wife, and be king after him.

Alternative Title(s): Saint George And The Dragon